Things to Consider when Transforming your Living Space

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Tips to transforming your living spacePerhaps you’ve just moved into a new property and are about to embark on a mission to tailor it to your taste and requirements, or maybe you are tired of the same old, same old in your current home and you’re looking to create a new atmosphere to relax in. Whatever your reasons, it can be difficult to know where to begin and how to make the most of your available space.  However, with these easy to follow guidelines, you will have an updated living space to enjoy in no time at all.


Before you get stuck straight into the ‘doing’, you will need to spend some time considering your needs to help inform your decisions. Here are some of the questions you may benefit from asking yourself:

  • What is your budget? This will enable you to decide the most practical options for your living space transformation.
  • How do you want to feel when you are in your space? Relaxed? Energised? Luxurious? This will help you decide on colour schemes and suitable accessories.
  • What is the primary use of the room? To watch TV? To entertain guests? For the children to play? For you to chill out? Is it multifunctional? This will support your choices of what you need to furnish your room.

Let there be light!

Depending on the feel you’re looking to achieve, you may want to assess the natural light currently available in the space. If you use the room in the day as well as the evening or your space is small, you will likely benefit from as much natural light as possible. A dark room can feel cramped and less inviting and this will all have a direct impact on the overall atmosphere.

If you’re already thinking ‘I can’t afford a skylight’, then fear not! Here are some easy ways to bring more light into your living room:

  • Use large mirrors on the walls opposite any windows. This will double the amount of light around the room. You may also wish to choose statement pieces and utilise the opportunity to add to the overall look and feel of the room.
  • Replace solid doors with glazed internal doors which will allow the light from other rooms in. There are frosted glass options for those also looking for privacy.
  • Choose light colour schemes on your walls, ceilings, floors and furnishings to allow the light to be reflected rather than absorbed.
  • Avoid net curtains or heavy blinds on your windows.

Make it Personal

Regardless of the atmosphere you’re trying to create, to make this space truly yours, it can be a great idea to add personal touches that represent a bit of you. Whether that be some family photos, a piece of artwork that you love or personal items that have personal meaning to you.

Tips to transforming your living space - living room

Substance Over Style

When choosing your soft furnishings and furniture, be sure that you opt for pieces that are both practical and comfortable as well as aesthetically pleasing! There is nothing worse than a beautiful looking setee that is as hard as nails or a visually stunning glass table that is a nightmare to clean! Choose carefully and consider all your needs before purchasing!

Size Matters

To ensure your furniture fits your space effectively, be certain to map out where you will put these and the take not of the measurements. After all, regardless of the size of the space, a room filled with too much or indeed disproportionate pieces of furniture, it will create an overcrowded, cluttered look and feel.

Essential Storage

Let’s face it, often we have a lot of ‘stuff’ that we need but would prefer to remain hidden away! However, if you have an amazing collection of books you could make a feature out of it and purchase or perhaps build a unique display to show them off. If you’re thinking of creating a custom piece there are lots of affordable options such as using MDF which can be cut and drilled to your own specification.

If you mainly have things you would like to keep hidden, think about using some creative hidden storage solutions such as hidden compartments in sofas, desks, seats, tables, walls, behind mirrors etc.

For those of you who require a multifunctional room, you may wish to consider options like TV units disguised as mirrors or fold away tables etc.

Soft Furnishing

A relatively budget-friendly way to complete your room and ensure the atmosphere is just how you would like it is to go to town on your soft furnishings! If you have opted for relatively neutral wall colour, you can afford to add splashes of colour using throws, vases, floral displays, candles, cushions, wall art etc.

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