Different Types of Gutter Hangers for You to Choose From

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It is important for you to have a good gutter system if you want to protect your home from water damage. Now, gutter hangers form an important part of the gutter system as it helps support the whole thing. So, you have to make sure you select only high-quality gutter hangers.

Different Types of Gutter Hangers for You to Choose From

There are many gutter hanging options available but not each of them is good. So, to make things easier for you we shall now share the 7 strongest types of gutter hangers that will be perfect fits for your home.

Hangers Secured to the Fascia Board

This is one of the most popular types of hangers that can be fixed on your fascia board. These are a good choice for K-style as well as half-round gutters. What makes this a great option are the long spikes or screws used. One end will support the outer lip and thus hold up your gutter. Then, there is a hollow piece at the outer end where the screw or spike will be moved into. And, the fastener will take up nearly half the width of your trough, and thus offer extra support.

Hidden Hangers

Hidden hangers are quite like any other standard gutter hanger you will come across. What makes it different is that they will get installed in the middle of your gutter trough. They will thus be invisible and thus give a neat appearance after they are installed. Since they will be installed at the middle of the trough they will even offer support throughout your complete gutter system. There are fewer chances of them being affected by heavy snow or extreme weather conditions.

T-Strap or T-Bar Hangers

The T-bars resemble the hidden hangers but they also have a vertical metal strap that is nailed right into the center. This results in a suspension system that ensures great durability and support. The strap’s other end will be fixed firmly to your roof deck, and thus, there will be no need to get anything secured to your fascia board. Installing these hangers is also very simple and anyone can do it.

Sub-Roof Secured Hangers

Hangers that shall be attached to your sub-roof are quite like the exposed brackets and straps but they will not be fixed to your fascia board. Instead, they will be attached to your roofing structure itself. Since this system will be installed under your shingles, you should not try installing it yourself, but rather let the job be completed by some experienced contractor.

Different Types of Gutter Hangers for You to Choose From - hanger

Exposed brackets and Straps

Exposed straps and brackets will give your gutter system a more industrial kind of look. This bracket resembles a “U” and offers the trough enough support underneath. As it will not penetrate your gutter system, not even a bit, the chances of any leaks are greatly reduced. A load-bearing strap will be fastened to your fascia board. The exposed brackets and straps are one of the strongest options because there are extremely rare chances of them getting corroded. Just make sure the fasteners are properly installed so that they stay in place even during heavy rainfall.

Spikes and Ferrules

Also, known as “screws and ferrules”, this is one of the strongest gutter hangers that you can opt for. The ferrule, in this case, will be driven through each side of your gutter trough. Next, a screw or spike will be put into your fascia board. It is the two-hole installation procedure that makes this hanger very durable. However, because of these two holes, there can also be more gutter leaks.

Wrap-Around Hangers

Wrap-around hangers are also quite popular and a great option for one and all. These are a blend of the exposed bracket and strap and T-bar hanger system but are said to be stronger than both these options. This wrap-around strap hanger will be wrapped around your entire gutter and will be nailed to your roof.

To Conclude

No matter which gutter hanger you select among these you will never be disappointed. Just make sure along with giving importance to the type, you also give enough attention to the material, size, and price of the hanger. Furthermore, though you can install some of these hangers on your own, if you want the best results it will be better to hire a professional. It will involve some extra expenses but you can be sure the job shall be completed to perfection and you will have nothing to worry about at all.

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