How to Properly Clean Your Gutters

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One of the home maintenance chores that people most often neglect and dread doing is cleaning their gutters. This is because of how quickly they get dirty after being cleaned and the effort it takes to clear them again. As a result, the gutters become full, causing water damage to the roof which can seep into the foundation, ruining the structure of the house.

How to Properly Clean Your Gutters

To make the task simple, we are going to tell you how to properly and efficiently clean your gutters without making a mess in your garden. 

Take Safety Precautions

Although it might be easier, it’s best to avoid cleaning the gutters from the roof of your house because this is too risky and you may end up hurting yourself. Consider getting a high ladder to reach all the areas and if some parts are out of reach, get down and move the ladder closer to the roof. Sometimes, we think that we can stretch a little far out without falling, but if we lose our balance, we may get severely injured.  Another safety precaution is getting a ladder stabilizer because you might need to place it in the garden where the ground will likely not be solid enough. 

Remove the Leaves 

When the leaves fall during Autumn, they may plug the gutters if not cleared regularly. In this case, you need to search for a tool that you can insert into the gutters to remove the leaves. Some people use an old kitchen spatula, sandbox shovel, or buy a specific gutter cleaner. Regardless of what tool you are going to choose, gutter cleaning professionals advise against using a metal instrument because it may damage the gutters. Instead, you can use a plastic or a wooden tool with a width that matches the gutter’s circumference. 

How to Properly Clean Your Gutters - clogged gutters

Collect the Leaves

The worst mistake you can make is piling up the leaves that you removed from the gutters in your garden, as you will be left with another cleaning task that involves removing the dirt and leaves from the garden. Consider putting a cloth under the gutter so you can easily gather and throw the leaves without worrying about the area underneath. Another method is to hang a bucket from the roof so that the leaves will fall straight into it when you scoop them. Make sure that the bucket is not made of metal either if you are going to attach it to the gutter. 

Clear and Flush the Gutters

After removing the leaves, debris, and dirt, you need to clean and flush the gutters. The easiest way to proceed is by using a garden hose. All you need to do is turn on the water and increase the water pressure if some areas are still clogged. If the pressure cannot be increased any further, consider manually removing the clogs using a long instrument. After clearing the gutter, flush it again to make sure that it is blockage free. 

Cleaning the gutters is an easy task if you know how to do it properly. Underestimating the task and doing it without the right tools or knowledge might cause more serious problems than the ones you would have faced with clogged gutters. To avoid this, follow the above steps next time you clean out your gutters.

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