Different types of Log Splitters and its usage

The process of getting the right log splitter for your wood pile can at times be overwhelming. However, you can save yourself from lots of back pain and have the job done fast by making the right choice. It is important that you first think about the wood pile size, wood location and the logs diameter when choosing the right model.

There are several types of top rated log splitters currently available in the market. Each type suits a number of purposes. Generally, the log splitters types can be divided into gas, electric and manual models. Despite the fact that all these splitter models are sold by the same retailers, it is important for any potential buyer to know that the manual log splitters are compact and much smaller compared to the gas and electric log splitters.

Manual Log Splitters

Manual log splitters are the most popular type among homeowners and the most affordable type in the market. Transporting this model to any location is much easier, they do not have several moving parts and are easy to store when not in use.

This log splitter is ideal for individuals who are not afraid of physical labor but are not interested in using an axe to split wood. Although the manual log splitters are easy to operate and anyone can start using them without any difficulties, it is advisable that one has enough physical strength to be in a position to move the logs without seeking help.

This splitter is also known to contain smaller frames that are on wheels and hands on the front allowing maximum maneuverability and portability. Majority of the log splitters do come fully assembled making it possible for one to get down working immediately thanks to their small size.

Electric Log Splitters

Do you lack enough stamina or physical strength? Then the electric models are the best choice of log splitters for you. When using an electric model, all you will have to do is lift the log into the splitter cradle. When the log is on cradle, just press onto the button and the log will be split into two.

The electric log splitter allows users to use the heavy duty 12 gauge extension cords to increase the usage area. In case you are interested in using the log splitter indoors, the electric log splitters are the best choice since they do not produce gas or fumes.

Different types of log splitters and its usage - hydraulic log splitters

Gas Log Splitters

The gas log splitters were specifically designed to be used on a frequent basis on several woods at the time. This splitter has more splitting force and power. It’s splitting force ranges from 6000-32000 pounds.  For easy transportation of the gas log splitters, you can always tow them using ATV or vehicle.

The gas model is equipped with larger and rugged wheels and they do feature a sturdier design which can be effectively used on uneven terrain.  There are some which are made for vertical or horizontal use making it easier for one to move the larger logs without having to lift them into the cradle.


These log splitters were specifically made to be used outdoors since they produce lots of loud sound and uses gas as source of fuel. They are the best choice in case you need to split logs in remote location that does not have electricity.

Log splitters are durable and powerful splitting tools that make it possible for people to split logs effectively within a short time. In case you were not sure on the model to go for when in need of a log splitter, the above description of log splitter types will provide you with a hint on the type to purchase.