Types, Advantages, and Uses of Steel

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Steel is a very common ingredient of current era’s construction. It is being used in a number of things and of course it is durable. However, when it comes to its introduction then it an iron and carbon’s alloy or sometimes others to depend for what purpose it will be used for. It has been told that it is used as a major component of construction of building, infrastructure, tools and many other things.

Types, Advantages, and Uses of Steel

Do you know why it is demanding? Its cost is affordable. This article is written to tell you different type of steels used in our so many things what are they? It has also been explained that what are the types of steel along with advantages? Let’s start with types of steel:

  • Carbon Steel: In carbon steel there is only a very small amount of alloy elements. It is a bit different from other steels. There are further groups of carbon steel but for now in this article only main items has been mentioned.
  • Alloy steel: The alloy steel is made from different types of alloying elements so that it suit the properties of the material. It is also further divided into 2 groups which are low alloy steel and high alloy steels.
  • Stainless steel: As compared to other famous and well known material the most attractive one is stainless steel which is used in the construction. It is do not get rusty which makes it more demanding.
  • Tool steel: The steel used for the tools is actually the one with distinctive hardness, the steel of tools have cobalt, tungsten, molybdenum and vanadium but the amount of all these ingredients is different.

Uses of Steel

  • It is used to make weapons.
  • It is used in the industrial side
  • It is used to make tools like hammer, screwdrivers etc
  • It is used to make cutlery
  • It is used to make electronic items like wires, needles etc

These were only few uses of steel but you can find a number of them in the market. They are used in numerous things and its demand is still high.


  • Steel is found to be tensile. The strength of steel is very high regarding weight ratio that means the strength is really high per unit mass. So it is suitable for heavy structures.
  • It is easy to fabricate and the production is possible to get done massively.
  • The structure of the steel is found to be flexible. Yes! You can mold it according to the need and demand without changing property of steel.
  • The structure of the steel is very much cheaper as compared to other materials used for the construction.
  • It is very durable. It can handle maximum pressures and natural hazards like thunderstorm, cyclones etc.

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