Choosing the Right Type of Flooring for Your Offices

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Are you getting tired of the old and dented flooring from your current workplace? Perhaps you might be thinking of doing some makeovers and consider replacing your flooring with some modernized design that will suit your requirements and possibly attract many customers or clients. Then, this article might give you some assistance in finding the finest flooring available in the market. You may also possibly acquire some references from Zelta Flooring on your selection.

Choosing the Right Type of Flooring for Your Offices

Picking the right flooring can be hard when you have so many options. Here is a list of them with their advantages and disadvantages that you might also want to consider.

Flooring Types to Choose From

  • Hardwood. It has been famous and regarded as one of the best-looking flooring options because of its durability and easy maintenance. Instead of replacing it after becoming worn out, you can make it as beautiful and elegant as new. But since it is one of the best, it is also more expensive. And as expected from a wood floor, it can be noisy and prone to scratches and scuffing in high traffic areas.
  • Ceramic Tiles. It is known for its warm and unique look. It is long-lasting because of its durability. Aside from that, you can also replace individual tiles if it gets broken which makes it cost-effective. However, it should be dry to avoid accidents since it can become slippery when it gets wet. It also has grout lines that can be tough to clean.
  • Natural Stone. It has a stylish and classy look, hard-wearing and sturdy. Natural stones are not different from any other flooring materials. Stones can also get scratched and cracked that may require you to maintain them regularly.
  • Carpet. It is best for rooms that require sound-proofing and those who spend a lot of time standing throughout the day. There is a lot of color and style to choose from as well as its cost-effectiveness. To maintain cleanliness, you have to vacuum-clean the carpet regularly. It is also delicate to stains and moisture – it will not fit every room.

Choosing the Right Type of Flooring for Your Offices - carpet

  • Laminate. It is becoming more popular nowadays because of its commercial use. It can copy the look of other flooring types such as hardwood, natural stone, and tiles at a low-price. Its thick surface coating can withstand scratches and heavy foot traffic but it cannot be refinished once it has been badly damaged so it must be replaced. Thus, this flooring needs regular cleaning and delicate care.
  • It can be ideal when you are planning to have a commercial flooring option with low maintenance and water-resistant. It has a customizable variety of colors and designs that can fit any decorations. However, it may get dented, become dull and discoloration may happen over some time.
  • Rubber. It is durable and resistant to wear, scratches and scuff. It also absorbs sound and non-slippery so it is comfortable to walk and stand even for a long time. But too much exposure to sunlight and certain detergents when cleaned may cause discoloration.

As we have seen from the above information, all types of flooring have their pros and cons. Some flooring may be ideal for some locations but may not be suitable for different circumstances. Therefore, make sure to consider other factors in choosing a flooring based on your type of business and preference. Because aside from the style, design, color, and texture you might also want to think about the following questions: How much will it cost for installation and maintenance? Is it safe and durable? How much dirt and foot traffic are you expecting to go through? How often will it need to be cleaned or even replaced? How will this type of flooring affect the overall impact of the room?

If there’s a specific type of flooring that comes to your mind while thinking about these questions, then it might as well meet your expectations. At the end of the day, our choice of flooring will determine our views of other things around us. If you need help in choosing one, please feel free to visit the link provided above directing you to Zelta Flooring.

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