5 Types of Mosaic Tiles – And Where to Find Them

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Mosaic tiles are very popular these days for contemporary house decor. They are chosen by so many homeowners all over the world for their exotic looks. But the quality of tiles is as important as the design, and you need to know which one is suitable for your house. This article will describe 5 types of mosaic tiles that are very common.

5 Types of Mosaic Tiles

After reading this article, you’ll be able to know which one to choose for your house, and where to buy it from. So let’s get started!

1.  Glass Mosaic Tile

Glass mosaics are the most premium looking, artistic type of mosaic tiles. These opaque, mirrored, and transparent tile pieces help bounce light around in your room. The glowing effect of glass mosaics will surely draw the attention of your guests, and they’ll certainly praise your decor taste. You should use glass mosaic tiles in rooms that get a lot of light. No matter if the light is artificial or natural, glass mosaic can cause a shimmery effect and vitalize the space. You’ll feel like the pieces are literally dancing in the light. Glass mosaic tiles are best suited for your living room, which you want to look premium. It is important to mesmerize your guests, and nothing can work better than glass mosaic! You can purchase beautiful, affordable glass mosaic tiles from Tile Club.

2.   Stone Mosaic Tile

Want to give a timeless, ancient Greek feel to your floor? Then stone mosaic tile should be your tile choice without any doubt! Stone mosaic itself is a bit different from mosaic tiles, but there are tiles that can give the same effect as stone mosaics. In most of the cases, stone mosaic tiles are smaller than other regular mosaic tiles. This is understandable as at times these tiles are used to create big pictures that can beautify your house with sheer brilliance.

Mosaic stone tiles can produce even sophisticated designs with the use of mother-of-pearl and waterjet technologies. These technologies are getting a lot of traction in modern times, and home-owners are choosing them despite the relatively higher price. You can use mosaic stone tiles in your bedroom, living room, and even bathroom. You should be careful of tile quality while using them in the bathroom though, as the floor and walls get wet on a frequent basis. Speaking of quality, Floor & Decor  has some of the best mosaic stone tiles in the market. You should have a look at their site!

3.  Hand Painted Stone Mosaic Tile

If you want pictures in your wall, then hand painted stone mosaic tiles can be another great option. You can copy any design of your choice, and install it in your wall. Hand painted designs are usually more expensive than regular stone tiles, as they take more effort and time to produce. You can use this technique to make your kitchen backsplashes better. Using tiles in the kitchen will not only beautify your kitchen, but also will make it easier to clean. You need some good artwork in your kitchen to improve your cooking experience. Cooking is a creative work, so you should install something creative in the kitchen!

5 Types of Mosaic Tiles - hand painted

You can also install hand painted mosaic tiles in the bathroom, or over the main sink. Some people install them in the living room too, to impress the guests. In fact, hand painted mosaic tiles can be installed in any room, if the artwork is suitable. You can find some beautiful hand painted mosaic tiles from Mosaic House.

4.   Etched Stone Mosaic Tile

If you are into big tile pieces, then etched stone tile should be your go-to option. These larger tile pieces can be carved into any design of your desire. If you use these tiles, then you will get a very attractive sculptured effect on your floor. As these tile pieces are comparatively bigger, the tile joints won’t be visible too much, making it more premium-looking. Etched stone mosaic tiles are quite durable as well. These tiles don’t get damaged easily. As the designs are ‘etched’, you won’t have to worry about them coming off and making a mess of your floor. That’s why these are very convenient options for your floor if you have the budget.

You can use these tiles in any room. But if you are short on budget, then it is preferred to use them in the living room. Etched stone mosaic tiles come in different colors and designs. You choose one that matches with your home’s wall colors. For example, if your house has white walls, then you should choose white tiles as well, probably with black colored designs on them. If you are looking for etched stone mosaic tiles, then be sure to check out  Artsaics!

5.  Ceramic Mosaic Tiles

And lastly, if you are going short on budget, but still want to have that ‘mosaic’ feel in your house, then you should go for the most traditional option: ceramic tiles. Known as the everyman-tiles, ceramic tiles are easily mass produced and can be found at regular craft stores. These tiles can be used wherever you want, and depending on the design can look premium too. The problem ceramic mosaic tiles is, they are not customizable and you’ll be to live with pre-set designs. There are both glazed and unglazed options for you to choose, so you have some options on that regard. For the living room, you can choose glazed designs and unglazed for other parts of the house.

You shouldn’t worry about pre-set tile designs, as Novoceram  has such designs that will definitely draw your attention. If you find good pre-designed ceramic tiles, you won’t regret not being able to customize the design. These are the most common mosaic tile options that are currently available in the market. There are some other options like marble and diamond tiles too, and you can have a look at them too if you feel they are suitable for your house!

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