Turning Your Garage Into A Man Cave

A man cave need not be made from ideal circumstances. In fact, the more customization you personally apply to the space, the better it’s likely to be. If you’ve got a garage, this can be easily co-opted into a man cave; but don’t stop there if such a structure isn’t available. A shed will do, or a room in the basement. Additionally, you could buy a prefabricated steel building.

Tiny homes and little wooden shed projects can be cheap. Prefab structures can be built for as little as $16 per square foot. Do the math! That’s a 1,000 square foot space for $16k. If you’ve got a $10k budget, you can build a 312.5 square foot space, which is larger than most apartments, and still have $5k left over.

Turning Your Garage Into A Man Cave

With the remaining $5k, you can insulate the space, install electricity, put in TVs, refrigerators, sound systems, computers, LEDs, kegerator, or whatever suits you. It’s entirely feasible to build and stock your man cave in your backyard for under $10k.

Furthermore, this will increase the value of your property if done right. Barring that, make the space functional enough and you can rent it out to cover its cost. $500 a month is $6k a year, inside 2 years, your man cave could totally pay for itself and then some, allowing you to kick out the tenant and enjoy it entirely. That said, if you can co-opt existing space, this is better for your budget.

Maximizing That Garage Space

So you’ve got a garage, and you want to make a man cave out of it. First, you’ve got to clear everything else out to truly see what kind of space you have. This works double as a maintenance excuse: you can justify building your man cave by pointing out to the missus that the garage will get cleaned as well. Have a sale to sell what you don’t need and get more budget.

Once the space is clear, you need to look at what kind of floor you’re dealing with. One to two hundred dollars should get you enough carpet to cover everything comfortably, in an insulating kind of way. You may be able to use older, degraded carpeting or rugs from around the house here. Old blankets can work, but they don’t have heft to them and will move unless weighed down by that which is heavy. Rugs are much better.

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You need to look at the walls, too. Are they structurally sound? How about the garage door; does it have cracks in the windows? Does air seep out the bottom? You want insulation to keep the cool in, and keep the heat out; or to keep the heat out, and the cool in—depending on your climate, of course.

Either way, an airtight space makes the most sense. You can install air conditioning or heating apparatus after the fact to control interior temperatures more successfully. Look at the door. A man cave doesn’t need a movable door. You can patch any holes and use tapestries, posters, or whatever suits your needs to rebuff any drafts.

Being Sure You’ve Got The Storage You Need

Something else that can help reduce draftiness is proper storage amenities. You’re likely going to want a couch, a decent chair, a big TV, computational and sound equipment, a beer pong or urban pool table, that previously mentioned kegerator; what moves you. You’ll need hoses, computer equipment, dishes, and other things available, and that requires flexible storage.

You can find cabinets that fit your needs precisely at this website, https://www.bestonlinecabinets.com/. This site features RTA, or Ready To Assemble, cabinetry options. Such cabinets make it possible to conform your storage needs to the space available in the garage you’re converting. Such autonomy in design is integral to a man cave.

Ensure you’ve got whatever electrical arrangements you’ll need in your man cave taken care of before installing cabinets; you’ll very likely need to snake cables behind where storage solutions will be. This is especially true if you install lighting or a fan on the roof. LED lighting, black lighting, disco lighting, or simple, gentle, warm lights can be worth looking into.

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Multiple Things To Consider

There’s a lot to think about here, but the nice thing about a man cave is that you can make it any way you want. Maybe your man cave is all about woodworking, you want garage door utility, and a little draftiness is good. In such a scenario you’ll still need electricity and storage.

Maybe instead, your man cave is a poker haven for you and the guys. In that case you’ll want refrigerator space for brews, proper lighting, comfortably spacious seating, and effective atmospheric controls. Ideally, you’ve got means of siphoning out smoke as well; cigars and poker are like peas and carrots: they go together. The smell can be managed with air flow.

Additionally, a few schools of thought determine the best man caves. One school of thought predicates total design and permanent arrangements. This would be like a prefabricated steel building with a DIY deck off the back, RTA cabinets fitted to the walls, and everything put together in such a way that the space requires disassembly to augment.

The other primary school of thought involves total rearrangement potential through impermanent organization. In this paradigm, posters, sound equipment, storage, entertainment amenities and other things can be moved at your discretion. This makes it so if the man cave must be repurposed, it can be at a minimum of effort.

A Balanced, Enjoyable Man Cave

The key to getting the most for the least, and fully maximizing what you have where you are, is planning in advance. Take stock of available space, or consider whether this is something you will have to facilitate yourself through installation of a prefabricated structure. Once you know what you are working with, draft out a few design ideas, and choose the best.

Your man cave can be an ongoing project, or something you put together in a few weeks or months. Whatever fits you will be the best choice, as a man cave is something for you to unwind in, and enjoy. So make the whole affair enjoyable, whatever that ultimately means to you.

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