How Switching To A New Air Conditioning System Will Save You Money

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New air conditioning system

It is hard to deny how vital air conditioning systems are to our homes and workplaces. Imagine being forced to work under the scorching temperatures seen in the summer. It would be subjecting one to hell, and this is why air conditioners are more of a priority rather than a necessity for most households today. However, these systems are energy hungry and constitute a significant percentage of the amount of energy consumed by households annually.

Air conditioner systems rely on a refrigerant which is like the lifeblood of any system. It helps to cool the air and without; the system cannot work. Most of the systems that were manufactured in the last two decades were based on the r22 freon refrigerant due to several reasons. Well, this refrigerant became popular, and most cooling systems were relying on it until it was discovered to be toxic to the environment as it affects the ozone layer. The Environmental Protection Agency is tasked with phasing out the use of freon in a bid to protect the ozone layer, and more reasons might prompt you to replace this refrigerant in your system and cut down your costs. Read below and find out more from R22 Alternative – Bluon Energy.

First and foremost, you should understand that one of the most common repairs done on air conditioner systems is a refrigerant recharge. This is where the refrigerant leaks and an expert has to refill it to allow the system to work correctly. The phasing out timeline kicked off in 2004 and by 2020, it will be illegal to import and sell freon. Currently, the supply of this refrigerant has dramatically diminished as people are switching to newer systems and you can pay more than ten times more than you should for a simple recharge. Looking at the economic aspect, spending ten times for recharge is not viable, and the prices are expected to go higher as we approach 2020. You could save on the cost needed to get a freon recharge today by replacing it and getting a refrigerant that is allowed and available. This way, you will cut the costs required to buy expensive freon which is also limited in supply and may no longer be available for you.

You should understand that replacing freon with another refrigerant is subject to the compatibility of your systems. Some air conditioning systems that were built a long time ago when the use of other coolants was not in the picture might have rigid ductwork and electrical wiring that might not allow you to switch the refrigerant directly. You may be forced to call over an expert and have them conduct some basic modifications before you can replace the coolant with a legal one. Visit here to find out more.

Modern day air conditioner systems are built to be energy efficient owing to the new technology that allows designers to come up with smart devices that require very little power. If your air conditioner is still using freon, the chances are that it must be over ten years old. This is because the government banned the manufacturing of freon based system some time back and all the recent systems are based on another refrigerant. An old system will cost you a lot of money trying to repair it since it will be breaking down time after time. You can cut these costs by investing in a new one since the repair costs may accumulate and mean that you are not getting enough value for your money. Using an old system is also undesirable since the frequent breakdowns will significantly inconvenience you time after time and you cannot stay with the peace of mind that your home will stay cool for the rest of the night.

New air conditioning system - control system

A new air conditioner with fresh parts does not struggle to cool air, and thus less energy is consumed running the compressor and other components. This is not the case with old systems that have worn out parts that need to work extra hard for them to cool your home. Even if you continually repair the system, the new components that get installed cannot perform in the same way that the original ones did since most of them may be the aftermarket parts. This way, your system will be using up a lot of energy and thus make your energy costs unnecessarily high. For such a system, you should not struggle to repair it for long as its useful life may have already elapsed. It is better to start planning for a new air conditioner which will be cheaper to run due to the energy costs and will offer not break down time after time.

Replacing freon in your system can save you a lot of money but the time to switch over to the other side has come. It is better to start planning for a new system right away and save up for the purchase and installation rather than wait and get caught up with a broken system that needs a freon recharge, and it is not available. If you are still lost on what to do, contact an air conditioning expert and have them advise you on what you need to do. If your system is still new, you could have it retrofitted and made compatible to another refrigerant. Do not undertake this project at a time when you need your air conditioning system more since things could go south and mean that you stay in the heat for a long time.

When buying a new system, try and assess your options so that you land the right one. Due to the issues that people have gone through due to the ban on freon, you might be better off investing in a flexible unit that can accommodate several refrigerants so that you are not fixed in a corner when things change in future. There are several options to choose from today, and you can select a fantastic brand with amazing features and control capabilities that can even allow you to turn the system on and off on your mobile phone.

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