Tips for Turning Closet into Home Office

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If you or a family member are among the people that are currently working remotely, you might be wondering how to turn a portion of your home into an office space. Finding room for a home office can be tricky when all the rooms in your home are already at capacity. You might not have an area in your home where you can put a desk. And working at the dining room table isn’t preferable, because you have to constantly move all of your paperwork and office supplies whenever it comes time for dinner.

Tips for Turning Closet into Home Office

A creative solution to a lack of office space is to turn a closet into a home office. While this might not give you a lot of room, it will at least give you a place where you can keep your computer and any work-related materials. If you think a closet could be the solution to your lack of home office space, keep reading.

Check the measurements

The first thing you’ll want to make sure of is that the closet has enough room to comfortably store some type of desk. Most people will also want some space for storage, whether it is a filing cabinet or shelves. Check the measurements of the closet, as well as any measurements of any furniture you’re planning on putting in the space. If space is limited, you may need to consider installing custom-made furniture. You can also remove the door of the closet for additional space.

Install shelves

If space is limited, don’t be afraid to move upwards! Use the wall space around the closet to create a shelving system. Make sure the shelves don’t interfere with your workspace, but that they are close enough that you can comfortably reach them. Storing files and office supplies on shelves is a good alternative to a traditional filing cabinet. They’ll take up less room. Plus, they still allow you to store all work-related items in one area so you’re not having to track down items.

Find an organizational system

Anytime you’re working in a small space, organization is key! If your home office is in a closet, it can quickly become cluttered if you’re not careful. Find an organizational system early on and stick with it. Only put items that are necessary for your job in the space. Get rid of duplicated office supplies (you don’t need two pairs of scissors!). Keep similar items together. Get various containers to keep supplies and files in. Label containers so you know what is in each one.

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Make sure you have access to outlets

Not all closets have outlets available. You’re going to want to have a way to power your electronics, as well as any lights you want in the space. Check to see where the outlets are. You may need to get creative with running extension cords to the closet. If the closet doesn’t currently have access to outlets, you’ll need to contact an electrician to see what your options are. Installing new outlet receptacles in the closet is possible, but a new circuit might be necessary.

Pick a good chair

Don’t just pull any chair into your home office! If you’re going to be spending several hours a day sitting, you’re going to want a chair with good lumbar support. And make sure to consider the size of the chair to make sure it fits under your desk. Some people prefer using standing desks so that they can alternate between sitting and standing. Standing desks can help reduce back pain and improve your mood. To learn more about standing desks, visit HADO today.

Add some color

Finally, there is no reason your home office needs to be boring, even if it is in a closet! Add some pops of color to your space by creating an accent wall within the closet. Or, use some decorative items that fit within the space. Adding some color and decoration into the space will help make your office seem more personal. If you’re going to be spending several hours a day working in your home office, you want it to be a space that you enjoy looking at.

Final thoughts

If you’re limited on space in your home but require a home office, start examining your closets! While you might need to shuffle some items around, creating an office space in a closet will create an area in your home that is dedicated for work purposes. Stop leaving work laptops and files laying on the dining room table!

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