Why Functional Office Furniture Matters

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On average, you spend approximately 6 hours sitting at your desks. When you are commuting to and from your workplace, you will spend additional hours sitting in your car, and more hours watching your favorite TV show. In a day, you can spend more than 13 hours sitting. That is indeed a lot if you are going to do the number crunching. Sitting is deemed to be an essential part of your daily routine.

Why Functional Office Furniture Matters

With that said, you need to be sure that you make time to ensure that you are sitting as comfortable as possible. Your workplace, for instance, should have fully functional office furniture where you can have sufficient support for your back and arms. A comfortable workplace will enable you to increase productivity and work efficiently.

The importance of functional furniture pieces

Did you know that your posture can be a contributing factor to increasing your productivity? Office furniture is built to address the unique needs of employees. Humans are not built the same way. This means that you need to do thorough research to find the office furniture that can accommodate your needs. The good news is that there are office furniture pieces that cater to all shapes and sizes. Although the standard desk heights measure 29 inches, a 27-inch desk will suffice for an average individual. For a taller employee, 29-inch desk can ensure comfort. For office chairs, most of them are engineered and designed for an individual of average weight and height. If you are taller, you need to make sure that your chair has an extended cylinder so you can sit comfortably.

Your elbows should fall on the armrest of your chair. It should allow you to rest your wrist without any feeling of discomfort. When you are writing or typing, especially if you spend most days sitting, you need a chair where you can function even when sitting for long hours. Aside from your elbows, you should also take care of your legs and feet. Spending many hours sitting can also take a toll on your legs. You can feel nerve, muscle and body pain. Like the position of your arms and elbows, your legs can also suffer if it is not resting flat on the floor. Your posture should allow you to remain comfortable even by sitting for long hours.

When you are comfortable, you will surely become productive. With good posture, your blood circulation will also improve. You need an adjustable office chair where your arm can rest. It should also have a removable headrest that will allow you to find your comfortable sitting position. When you sitting in an ideal position, your eyes will not feel any strain. It is natural to feel tired, especially if you have been staring at your monitor for long hours but good office furniture should give you flexibility so you can keep your eyes on the screen. It should have the right height that will let you focus on the computer screen. Even when you are sitting comfortably, you will still need to get on your feet to prevent health issues. Make it a habit to stand for periods so you can improve your concentration. You will be able to keep yourself in a stress-free position if you try to stand every once in a while. You should also keep in mind that you can experience changes to your posture as you age. There are times when it is difficult for you to find the working position that can improve your posture.

Make storage accessible

Do not just focus on chairs and desks because the storage is also an important factor in promoting workplace comfort. If you access important papers and files, it should be located in an accessible spot. If you need to drop to a knee just to access office documents, it can eventually affect your body. Your office storage solutions should give you easy access to office files.

There are also other office features that will promote an effective workplace. These features include modular furniture, used cubicles, cable management, workspace aesthetics and shelves with adjustable features. Keeping the needs of your employees in mind will help you succeed in searching for the office furniture that gives you the comfort you need. Look for furniture that offers comfort so you can promote productivity in your workplace.

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