5 ways to create a trendy interior without spending too much money

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The main attributes of modern interiors are convenience, functionality and eco-friendliness. Decorations that collect dust and irritating prints are no longer relevant.

5 ways to create a trendy interior without spending too much money

Add cosiness

One of the current interior trends is to create a cosy harbour atmosphere where you feel safe and secure. It’s based on upholstered furniture and cabinets with history, warm plaids, handmade items, decorative cushions with embroidered pillowcases and other nice things. Parquet flooring is currently in fashion at the moment, explain Stories Flooring, which come in a large choice of shades and styles. The main thing is not to go overboard: cosy does not mean cramped. It is an inner feeling of security and well-being. The highlight of this interior is exclusive handmade items. Repaint and paint an old table, a wooden chair, a chest of drawers. You don’t need to be an artist to do so, just use stencils. Create your fantasy. No designer can do it better than you.

Throw out everything unnecessary

Another trend that has been around for a year now is minimalism combined with functionality. This option is perfect for small flats and rooms. One striking example of such minimalism is the Scandinavian style. Therefore this style is called Scandinavian. But the electric snow blower will never be superfluous in your home. Understanding what exactly needs to be changed in the interior, to match this style is very simple. Should ruthlessly get rid of everything that does not carry any useful load. Open shelves, small coffee tables, shelving, lightweight blinds instead of heavy curtains, simple lines, no dark and gloomy tones, minimal decor and the presence of logic – the attributes of such an interior. Take white, beige or any other pastel shade as a base (wall and furniture colour). Add a bright element – it could be an armchair, a table, a rug, a painting, a stool, a vase.

Plant a mini-garden

Sustainability is still in vogue. That doesn’t mean you necessarily need to line your floors with expensive cork or switch completely to rattan furniture (although that’s not out of the question if you have the means). Natural elements can refresh an interior. It’s easy to set up a mini garden in the kitchen and grow lettuces and spices. Traditional indoor plants in pots can be replaced by a trendy and beautiful photo wall. The theme of ecology can also be played up in the décor: photos of beautiful flowers and picturesque natural views, cushions and plaids with images of animals, bamboo dishes.

5 ways to create a trendy interior without spending too much money - trendy living room

Mix styles

Don’t be afraid to experiment, but remember not to make your decor pretentious. Simplicity is now in fashion. Another trend is multi-faceted. Metal in a variety of colours can be safely combined with wood, stone, cork. The more versatile the material, the better. Choose interior objects by a single feature: colour, texture, size, style, shape. If your home’s furniture has sharp corners, choose the same décor: a rectangular mirror, a vase, a rug. There should always be a common denominator.

Use the right colours 

Designers have already announced which colours will be on-trend next year. You can’t go wrong with pastel shades of pink, soft coral, emerald green, cream tones and deep blue. You can combine them to create the most incredible combinations. With colour, you can correct flaws in a room. Light colours visually enlarge the space, cool colours make a sunny room feel less hot.

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