How to create a trendy and sleek kitchen

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Modern kitchens are popular among homeowners because they reflect the actual trend. They are technologically advanced, eco-friendly and provide a neat style. Contemporary kitchens combine modern design with minimalism, wood accents, flat-front cabinets, and sleek fixtures. A contemporary design incorporates the modern architecture that has its origins in the 1970′ – however, the style has evolved throughout the years. In this simple guide we’ll show you how to create a trendy and sleek kitchen in your home.

Modern kitchen with big kitchen island

A modern kitchen is open to other vital rooms in a home, such as a dining room or a living room. While it can borrow aspects from various styles, the minimalistic approach is the most common when it comes to designing a modern space in your kitchen. Contemporary is by no means a design movement – rather than that, the term describes ‘in the now’. Simple design and clean lines are the primary features of the contemporary kitchen. Let’s take a closer look at the basics of a modern kitchen.


Generally, modern cabinets have a sleek and angular design with little ornamentation – they are streamlined and functional. The two most common cabinet doors used in a contemporary design are flat-front and Shaker, both consisting of simple lines. The wood used for Shaker cabinets in modern kitchens is hickory, oak or maple. Flat-front doors are another option for a contemporary style, being solid without including any framing. They consist of a single piece of wood either covered with wood veneer or painted. These cabinets offer a minimalist look that works well with modern design. You can contrast cabinet colours with backsplashes, flooring and countertops to create an impressive kitchen. Opposites like white base cabinets and grey wall cabinets are often incorporated in a contemporary kitchen design.


Countertops are also up-to-date and are generally made of quartz or granite. Granite is so popular among homeowners because of the low maintenance and luxurious look it offers. Unlike granite, quartz is non-porous, so it doesn’t require resealing. Homeowners choose quartz in the contemporary kitchen due to its clean look that fits this type of design perfectly. Both quartz and granite come in a wide range of colours and patterns that match any colour palette. For a smooth, glossy addition, homeowners can install a lava stone to upgrade their kitchen further.


Modern kitchens boast excellent and most recent appliances. Often, they are energy-efficient, high-end and stainless steel. Black appliances are not an element of modern kitchens. If you want a smart home, you’ll enjoy a trendy and sleek kitchen with all its conveniences, including energy and water-saving faucets and appliances. Some appliances provide a geometric aspect to the kitchen; for instance, an angled vent hood can add interest to the space. Ovens, stoves and cooktops are also contemporary pieces that enhance the kitchen’s functionality.


An integrated sink is a recent design idea in modern kitchens. The sink consists of the same materials used for countertops, and thus, there’s no transition between the two elements. Another popular choice among homeowners is oversized sinks, as they provide functionality to people who cook a lot. For the kitchen faucets, matte black is in trend. Homeowners also opt for touchless kitchen faucets that add to the contemporary design. Technology is also very prominent in modern kitchens, and individuals who want to make the most of its advancements can use voice-activated faucets. This technological development allows them to turn on and dispense the adequate amount of water they need for soup or pasta.

Sleek kitchen design


An abundance of light is an essential element of a contemporary kitchen. Generally, bigger windows are interspersed throughout the room to allow natural light in. The lighting for a modern kitchen is a mix of different types of lighting. While recessed ceiling lights are crucial for ambient lighting, under cabinet lighting and pendant lighting fixtures are ideal for task lighting. Also, a chandelier or several mini-chandeliers work well in a formal kitchen design. The lightning’s shape, size, and texture have both a functional and decorative purpose.


Flooring in a trendy and sleek kitchen includes light wood, and maple and birch woods are both excellent options. Homeowners who want to use wood sustainably and economically can opt for engineered wood that has a plywood core – oak and ash are trendy finishes.  An alternative is to use porcelain tiles, as they offer a look similar to wood. This option is ideal for homeowners that want their flooring to look like wood but prefer tile. In fact, tiles come with an advantage – compared to wood, they are easier to maintain in the kitchen. A budget-friendly option is vinyl flooring, which is waterproof, making it an excellent choice for families with younger children.


If the kitchen includes eat-in space, the furniture usually has clean lines with soft, rounded edges that match the house’s design. Instead of patterns, the design comprises cotton and neutral linens that can be textured. Sometimes, the furniture combines different shapes. The kitchen island‘s stools are simple and sleek and can consist of fabric or metal. A stool with bent wood or an X-back works well with any furniture you may include in the kitchen, like an eat-in area.

Colour scheme

A modern kitchen includes neutral colours but uses bold accents and ornaments to complement the neutral colours. The colour scheme includes black, white, grey and beige – about 60% of the modern kitchen should consist of these primary colours, 30% should have a secondary colour and only a 10% of it a complementary accent hue. Generally, the kitchen’s walls aren’t adorned to keep the room uncluttered. Clutter that comes from textures and patterns is also strongly reduced. Homeowners often opt for all-white kitchens, as they go well with various materials like tile, wood, granite and different accent colours. Choosing a white scheme colour with beige details can make a smaller kitchen feel larger.

The bottom line

The truth is that designing a trendy and sleek kitchen can be challenging. However, it is not impossible! With the right tips and inspiration, you can design the kitchen of your dreams that provides functionality and looks impressive. When creating a contemporary space, it’s critical to consider every element of the room so that you won’t miss out on any crucial detail. The elements in a kitchen should complement one another and match the overall design, so it’s imperative to take things step by step and plan thoroughly.

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