Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Explained

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Simply styled, bold, and elegant, shaker cabinets are indeed a top-notch attraction. From the 18th century to 2023, these drawers have been among the top trending cabinet designs. Regardless of the interior you fix them in, shaker cabinets will serve you better while enhancing the visual design features of that interior.

black shaker kitchen cabinets

In this article, we explore black shaker kitchen cabinets; their defining features and how to exploit them to achieve any dream design. Read on to find out more about these cabinetry designs enjoying unstoppable popularity.

About Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Black shaker kitchen cabinets are a popular variety of globally acclaimed shaker cabinets. Their design is referred to as a shaker because the people who introduced them used to shake during prayers. Even though they designed different types of furniture, these people were devoted members of a religious group. Nevertheless, their artistic creativeness, as seen in their cabinetry designs, has made them more popular than their religious devotion. Shaker cabinets, as you will note, are very versatile. Modern designers have enhanced the original shaker outlook by incorporating different materials and ornamentation features, all of which have done more good in catapulting the shaker design to lifelong popularity. The following are the typical defining features of black shaker kitchen cabinets.

1. Shaker Cabinet Doors

Shaker-styled cabinets, including black shaker kitchen cabinets, can easily be identified by their simply-designed doors. Shaker cabinet doors are typically symmetrical, flat, and framed with a recessed centre panel. From traditional to contemporary designs, shaker cabinet doors are more often, marked with minimal ornamentation, for example, carvings. While traditional shaker cabinets are marked by wood slab doors, modern varieties come with doors made of glass, for example, clear or frosted glass. Regardless of the material they are designed with, shaker cabinet door designs, from classic to modern designs, are nothing but attractive, thanks to their simple designs.

2. Natural Wood Material

While nowadays you can find shaker cabinets designed with laminate, fibreboard, or mixtures of natural wood and laminate materials, the material commonly associated with shaker cabinet designs is natural wood.  Almost 90% of shaker cabinetry designs, painted, stained, or varnished, are made of different hardwoods, including teak, maple, oak, hickory, and cherry, among many others. Their natural wood material feature has in a way made black shaker kitchen cabinets very popular because they seem not only cost-effective but durable as well. Natural wood is easy to work with in terms of staining, painting, or varnishing. Its coarse finishing can easily absorb and retain paints and stains.

3. Simple Design

From cabinet doors to fixtures, and decorative elements, everything about shaker cabinets is marked by simplicity. While you may find them in different sizes, all of them come with a fully-overlay construction design and a bold look that is marked by square edges. It is their simple design that makes them look attractive. Because of their simple black shade and simple shaker design, black shaker kitchen cabinets can match different material finishes and colors. Moreover, you can easily fit them in all types of kitchens, from vintage to post-modern designs, thanks to the simplicity of their design.

How to Create your Dream Kitchen Design with Black Shaker Cabinets

With black shaker cabinets, you can easily create your dream kitchen design, thanks to the simple features of these drawers, which make them very easy to work with. The following are tips that will help you achieve your dream design with black shaker kitchen cabinets if you apply them well.

Mix Colors

The black shade on black shaker cabinets can darken your kitchen hall if you let the cabinetry dominate a wider space and forget to enhance lighting. Hence, the best way to make these drawers enhance the visual outlook of your scullery is by blending their outlook with lighter colors, of which white is the most perfect.

Regarding color mixing, there are different options you can try out. These include,

#1: Two-Toned Cabinets: Instead of letting black play out all over the cabinetry, you can mix it with a lighter color, which you can apply on the countertops. Different colors can mix with black, including grey, white, cream, and so much more.

#2: Installation of Metallic Items: The shiny surfaces of items made of metals like gold, silver, chrome, and stainless steel can significantly reduce the dark aspects of black shaker kitchen cabinets.

#3: Install Wooden Floors: While you may be quick to associate wooden floors with classic interiors, natural wood tones can blend perfectly with black for the dream outlook you want. While black is overwhelming, natural wood tones are light and thus, perfect for enhancing contrast.

modern kitchen with black shaker kitchen cabinets

Work on the Lighting

‘Besides color mixing, installation of artificial lighting accessories can help you achieve a dream-like kitchen design with black shaker kitchen cabinets. Artificial lights like pendant bulbs and under-cabinet lighting fixtures can not only make your black shaker cabinets stand out but also make your kitchen hall seem light and lively in terms of visual appearance. In most cases, artificial lighting fixtures designed for kitchen interiors, feature shiny and precious-looking materials, which in a way, can do more good in enabling you to achieve your dream design with black shaker cabinets.

Try Modern Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

If your dream modern kitchen design is contemporary in style, then you should consider going for modern black shaker kitchen cabinets. Unlike their classic varieties, modern shaker cabinets look extremely luxurious and stately. They are generally endowed with mixtures of different materials, precious metallic hardware, and soothing shades of the color black. Shaker-styled modern cabinets come in great varieties. Whether you prefer them in closed-shelved or open-shelved formats, just be sure you can find a pristine design that can work well for you if you search for them well.

Are Black Shaker Kitchen Cabinets Worth It?

Black shaker cabinets are the best cabinetry designs you can go for if you want to create your dream kitchen design. Black shaker kitchen cabinets are simply styled to make it easy to use them in multiple design options. They come in numerous designs, materials, and shapes. Because black is a color with more than one tone, you can always find black shaker cabinets with different versions of black paint, from charcoal, and graphite, to mate and so much more.

Final Thoughts

Loved for their simple design, marked by flat slab doors with recessed centre panels, shaker cabinets are a great sight to see. Black shaker kitchen cabinets are among the top trending shaker cabinet design options you can take advantage of if you want your kitchen hall to stand out in terms of visual outlook.

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