6 Basic Steps To Keep Your Outdoor Fountain Water Clean

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There is a strict cleaning guide for tending to an outdoor fountain. Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with it, causing the fountain to break down completely.

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Your outdoor wall fountains can be pleasing to the eyes, but don’t forget that it’s vulnerable to specific problems, like algae and mineral build-ups. So, you must know how to address these concerns once they start to resurface.

Basic clean up for your outdoor fountain

We suggest maintaining a weekly cleaning schedule so that you could avoid unnecessary problems, such as a stressed motor or equipment due to the stagnant water. A consistent cleaning could particularly help larger fountains since they’re able to endure more stress and assure you that it’ll last for a long time.

Step 1: Turn off your water fountain

Turning the breaker and the pump off ensures your safety as this prevents other incidents that could be pretty alarming if not appropriately handled. Plus, you would have to do it anyway if you want to do a full cleaning for your fountain.

Step 2: Remove decorative items

Decorative items are fun, but they could distract and even prevent you from reaching certain spots when you’re cleaning. We both know that the basin already has an excellent mass because of the water, so making sure to remove the stones could reduce its current weight and give you more flexibility to clean the fountain. Don’t worry, though. You could still clean both items separately. This allows you to perform a thorough cleaning, especially if you want to keep your basin algae-free.

Step 3: Remove the pump

The pump occupies ample space, so it’ll be better if you remove it as you clean. The area where it was placed typically becomes the ground for bacterias to grow, allowing algae to sneak in and build a home for themselves. If you ignore this area, there’s a higher chance that your water’s life span could be cut short. Have you forgotten the golden rule that a clean pump means a clearer sight Pumps are installed to ensure that your water will remain clean, but if you overlook this part, it won’t be long until you come face to face with a sad and dull water basin. Your pump is your friend. Take good care of it, and mosquitoes won’t even give your fountain any thought as a breeding ground for their eggs.

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Step 4: Empty it out.

If your outdoor fountain is running for a while now, there’s a possibility that the water is stagnant. In this case, it’s highly recommended to replace the water regularly to avoid this from happening. However, you should also note that there is no standard way to empty the water. The method would solely depend on your fountain’s size since they have their own options. For instance, bigger fountains generally only have an option for draining pumps, while smaller ones require you to pour out the water yourself. Be careful, though! There may be tiny parts drowned in the water, so ensure that you inspect your fountain before and after throwing away the basin’s water.

Step 5: Practice your scrubbing skills.

Unfortunately, algae incidents couldn’t always be prevented. So if you find a couple of algae in your fountain, you would need to scrub it off with all your might. Instead of using harmful chemicals for your cleaning, we suggest using dish soaps as an alternative. It’s cheaper and safer, which makes it easier to scrub the dirt. Go beyond by reaching the hidden areas since it’s typical for algae accumulation to thrive in dark and small spots. It makes it easy for them to be missed, so don’t let them get away!

Step 6: Rinse

This may be a simple task, but it’s a significant part of the process. Make sure that you rinse thoroughly so dish soaps and other cleaning agents can’t clutch onto the surface of the fountain. When soap comes in contact with pumps, it could lead to a detrimental situation. Put some extra effort and don’t depend on just a single rinsing. It’s better to repeat it two more times to ensure that nothing is left before you reconnect the units.

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