The Must-Have Tools for Commercial Kitchen & Bathroom

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Finding the right tools for when repairs are needed is a tricky thing. The tools that one uses will determine the ease, safety, and quality of work. It is pretty troublesome to have many tools dangling around. This annoyance is the reason why a toolkit is such a handy thing to have.

The Must-Have Tools for Commercial Kitchen & Bathroom

Here is the short version:

  • Hammer
  • Duct Tape
  • Self-Retracting Metal Tape Measure
  • Flashlight
  • Set of Pliers
  • Adjustable Wrench
  • Utility Knife
  • Screwdriver Set
  • Putty Knife
  • Handsaw
  • Level

Thankfully, it is a lot easier to find the right kind of toolkit that one needs nowadays. Due to the demand, there have been many variations on these toolkits that give people many options. The list for these products is long and can get overwhelming.

Here are the standard tools you will find in it:

  1. Hammer – This tool is the most common that you’ll find inside a toolkit. It is essential for any repairs to the point that the image itself symbolizes repair. They often consist of a weighted “head” fixed to a long handle. It delivers a small impact on an object for a wide range of driving, shaping, breaking, and non-destructive striking applications, i.e., to drive nails into wood. 
  2. Duct Tape – This super sticky tape adheres to just about anything for quick fixes around the house. It is also useful when there are boxes you want to seal shut..
  3. Self-Retracting Metal Tape Measure – It is a handy measuring tool that you can bring anywhere for length measurements of an area or object. It can easily fit in your pocket.
  4. Flashlight – Some can easily fit in your pocket, while others are bulky. This rechargeable portable hand-held electric light is a device you use to shine a light on a dim or dark area. An example of this is when you need to fix a lightbulb, and the room is dark. You can use any sturdy aluminum ladders to go up while holding a flashlight to quickly and safely replace the lightbulb.
  5. Set of Pliers – This is another iconic tool for repair. It is essential for straightening bent power-cord plugs, slice wiring, replacing old showerheads, and getting a good grip on just about anything, basically to position, tighten, grip, loosen, and cut certain metal elements. 

The Must-Have Tools for Commercial Kitchen & Bathroom - repairing

These are the four kinds of pliers you can find:

  • Slip-Joint Pliers
  • Water-Pump Pliers
  • Lineman’s Pliers
  • Locking Pliers
  1. Adjustable Wrench – An open-end wrench with a movable jaw. The jaw can adjust to different sizes to tighten and assemble all fixtures like appliances and plumbing. It also comes in various sizes where the big ones are commonly for extra leverage while the small ones are for tight spaces.
  2. Utility Knife – Various knives for different general or utility purposes. This tool is handy when there is a need to sharpen a pencil, mark areas, shave wood, cut strings or cords, and open boxes. You can spend more on built-in blade storage and a comfortable rubber-covered handle so that you can put in a fresh blade rather than using a dull one which is not safe.  
  3. Screwdriver set – A tool for screwing and unscrewing screws. It can be manual or powered screwdrivers. The manual type of screwdriver is an ideal tool for cracking open the lids on metal paint cans, tightening cabinet hardware, and installing light switches. The powered version is different since the screwdriver set is an attachment to the drill, but it does make the job easier.
  4. Putty Knife – A flexible blade for scraping off paint or wallpaper, spreading a smidgen of spackling compound, or reglazing a window.
  5. Handsaw – This is the partner of the hammer when people imagine repairs. Traditionally a manual instrument for cutting woods into various shapes and sizes. Now, there is a powered version that you can use. It is also helpful in cutting metals depending on what kind of saw you are using. 
  6. Level – A spirit level is a tool to indicate how parallel or perpendicular a surface is relative to the earth. It commonly comes in a farm of a level ruler—a must-have for installing cabinets, hanging pictures or laying a patio. 


These are the standard tools you will find inside a toolkit. There are a lot of variations and pieces, but the functions remain the same. It is up to you to find one that fits your needs. It is vital to have a reliable tool on the ready if there is a need for an immediate repair. A reliable toolkit is the best partner one can have while working; no questions asked.

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