8 Tools You Need for a DIY Home Remodel

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Now and then, your house will require a repair or a little remodel. The fantastic thing is that most of these makeovers are simple and hence DIY projects. All you need is the right hand or power tool, and you’re set to go. If you’re reading this article, most likely you want to stock your toolbox, but you’re not sure of which tools to acquire. Without further ado, here are the top eight tools you need for a DIY home remodel.

8 Tools You Need for a DIY Home Remodel

1. Hammer

It remains one of the few tools that you may require for almost all your home projects. You can only realize how crucial this tool is when it’s not readily available since it’s indispensable. According to artisans, a perfect hammer is one that has a bent hook. The design enables the tool to be used to drive nails into the wood, as well as, pull them out when a need arises.

Currently, most hammers come with a wooden handle which provides a beautiful finishing. However, it’s advisable to pick one with a fiberglass handle. It’s comfortable to work with as the fiber help cushion shock of hitting nails. When shopping for a hammer, you must also look for drop forged’ on the hammerhead. Steel items that have been drop forged’ are much stronger and hence last longer.

2. Ladder

Today, almost every home has a ladder to help with the slight repairs and renovations such as painting. Using a home ladder is a much better way to prevent accidents when working in high areas. The use of ladders prevents accidents that can arise from stepping on those buckets to reach high areas within your house.

When acquiring a ladder, it’s advisable to be sure of the size of the ladder. These tools are designed in different styles to favor their uses. So, you must not mistake a ladder used to climb poles for a home ladder. Also, it’s advisable to pick an aluminum ladder as it is the most popular. Aluminum ladders are rust-resistant, affordable, lightweight, and resistant to water. With these qualities, they are meant to offer a long period of service.

3. Hand saw

Now and then, power tools have replaced hand saws. But, using the old hand saw remains enjoyable and efficient. Using this tool is easy as the tool is less complicated as compared with most power tools. Hand saws come in many different styles and sizes and hence picking the right one can be confusing. The most commonly used hand saw is the new panel saw. This particular tool is usually highly recommended for home renovations. Its crosscut teeth cut the wood during the pull and push strokes, and that means you double the amount of work done in half the time.

4. Tape measure

A tape measure is often neglected when coming up with the list of must-have tools. Unfortunately, it’s an incredibly crucial tool for any home renovation. You can rarely complete a repair without this specific tool at hand. Almost every home remodel requires accurate measurements. Lack of precise measurements can see you make a shoddy mess.

It’s advisable to have this wonderfully efficient tool with you as it can serve you in many situations. When shopping for a tape measure for your home remodels, it’s advisable to pick one that measures at least 16-feet. Also, you must choose one that has a tiny hole at the end hook. The small slot may seem unnecessary, but it’s used to grab onto a screw or a nail’s head. With the niche, you can easily measure things alone. You won’t require any assistance to help hold the tape measure from the opposite end.

5. Kreg jig

If you’re a DIY kind of a guy, Kreg-jig is also a tool that you need for your home remodels. Kreg jig is a joinery tool that helps woodworkers from all skill levels join pieces of woods together. The tool helps to fasten and strengthen woodwork projects than ever before. It helps the user drill holes and thus allowing screws to be inserted at an angle of choice. Typically, screws run through the grains of the wood. However, using this tool enables the screw to run along the grain and as a result a stronger and secure joint.

8 Tools You Need for a DIY Home Remodel - Kreg jig

Most people argue that using the Kreg jig is much complicated. Well, like any other tool, using the Kreg jig can be confusing, especially for a first-timer. But, it can become simple once you get used. First, there is a chart that you may require to carry on with the measurements. This chart enables you to set the tool to the corresponding width. In return, the settings provided give guided slots that you follow to drill perfect pocket holes.

6. Pliers

Pliers are one of the few tools that you can rarely miss in a presented home because they’re used to perform various tasks. Mostly, a plier is used to work out on electrical projects during a home makeover. Besides, this tool can be used to holding objects, compress or bend them during a home remodel. The device is designed uniquely to allow the force you put on to be intensified and focused on an object of choice with accurate precision. Pliers come in different styles, and hence it’s upon you to choose perfect pliers that match your needs.

7. Screwdriver set

As their name implies, screwdrivers are designed to drive screws through wood or metal. As you understand, screws are either a flat or cross headed, and that’s why you need a screwdriver set. A simple screwdriver has a handle (either plastic or rubber), a duct and a tip. A tip is a point you insert into a screw head and turn.

Most screws have rods made of hardened steel to overcome the bending or twisting during a remodel. Also, the tip may be tightened to allow better performance regardless of the workload. When working using the set, it’s advisable to ensure that right screwdriver for the job. A simple mismatch can damage your precious screwdriver or the screw itself.

8. Cordless drill

It’s ok to say that any hardware is an investment for life, but a cordless drill must sit at the top of the list. Whether you’re planning a kitchen makeover, bathroom remodels or a whole house renovation, a lithium-ion cordless drill is a must-have. First thing first, it’s light, and that means you can carry it along regardless of your positioning. Also, its battery is less harmful as compared to the nickel-cadmium batteries. The battery takes a short time to charge and also lasts long.

When shopping for a cordless drill, it’s advisable to watch out for the trigger control as this allows you to switch from slow to fast when drilling. Also, you must consider the reverse switch. It should be easily reachable using your thumb and forefinger.

Shopping for house remodeling tools can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a first-time homeowner. You’re never sure of which tool to give a priority bearing in mind that you’ve to work on a budget. Listed in this article are eight of the most commonly used tools that you can consider first. Read through each one of the tools to understand how crucial they are when it comes to house repair and remodeling works.

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