Top 5 Toilet Flushing Problems You Should Know How to Fix

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Is your toilet draining too slowly or not at all? Does flushing it cause other drains in your house to back up? Why won’t the water in your toilet stop running? And what do you do when the flushing handle doesn’t flush? The good news is, these toilet flushing problems are very common and easy to fix. In most cases, you won’t even need to hire a plumber.

Top 5 Toilet Flushing Problems You Should Know How to Fix

Even better, we’re going to show you exactly what to do about these issues. Below is a step-by-step guide that explains everything you need to know. Read on to learn more.

1. The Handle Doesn’t Work

Sometimes, the flushing handle feels loose when you turn it and it fails to flush the toilet. This just means that the chain in the top tank is disconnected. The chain is supposed to raise the flapper when you turn the handle. To solve this issue, open up the top tank. Then, reconnect the chain to the toilet flushing handle and the flapper.

2. Toilet Keeps Running After Flushing

Another flapper problem is when the water in the toilet keeps running after you flush. For a temporary fix, jiggle the handle until the water stops. But if this happens all the time, replace your flapper. You might also have to adjust the fill valve. The fill valve determines the level of water in the top tank. If the level is set too high, the water overflows and runs endlessly.

3. Flushing Uses Too Much/Not Enough Water

You may find that the flush doesn’t last long enough to remove all the waste in the bowl. Or, it could be that the flush lasts too long, wasting water unnecessarily. Either of these problems can be fixed by adjusting the fill valve.

Top 5 Toilet Flushing Problems You Should Know How to Fix - toilet

4. Toilet Is Clogged

Blockages are the most common of all toilet problems. If your toilet won’t drain or it drains slowly, it’s clogged. When this happens, it’s tempting to flush again in order to push the clog through. Don’t do this. You may overflow the toilet. (If the toilet is about to overflow, find the valve under/behind the toilet and turn it clockwise to stop the water.) Use a plunger and/or a drain snake to unblock the drain. It’s better to use a round-bottomed plunger than a flat-bottomed one. (The flat-bottomed plungers are actually for sinks and other drains.)

5. Flushing Causes Other Drains to Back Up

This problem may occur because of a clog. Try the methods mentioned above to solve this. If the problem persists, the cause might be something else. You can learn more about this at Regardless, call a professional plumber quickly if you’re unable to solve this yourself.

Follow These Tips to Solve Your Toilet Flushing Problems

Don’t put up with these toilet flushing problems anymore. Instead, use the tips above to solve these issues when they occur. Next, learn how to fix moisture problems in your bathroom. Or, get inspired by catching up on the latest bathroom design trends. Find these topics and other related content on our bathroom blog.

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