Trends in Bathroom Design

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If you want to do up your home this year, so it fetches a better price when you sell it, or simply to make it more beautiful, practical, and enjoyable for you to live in, it’s wise to keep an eye on the latest trends in bathroom design.

Trends in Bathroom Design

In particular, if you plan to renovate your bathroom, you can pick up all sorts of great tips and ideas from checking out the trends impacting wet room design.

Statement Lighting

One of the essential elements of any bathroom is quality lighting. This year, we’re going to see this in spades as there’s more focus on bringing the right lighting to bathrooms. In particular, there’s a growing trend for back-lit mirrors and medicine cabinets. Rather than relying on ceiling-based lights that may not provide enough illumination for many needs, such as makeup application and shaving, today’s bathrooms utilize back-lighting for better results. Lighted models provide household members with helpful ambient lighting that avoids added glare or reflections on mirrors. The new back-lit products have embedded lighting features that can also double as a nightlight when dimmed. Right now, there’s also a trend for luxe lighting on the ceiling. Sconces are no longer enough; increasing numbers of designers are creating bathrooms with striking pendant lights or even, in some cases, with look-at-me grand chandeliers.

Back to Bathing

Much of the focus in bathrooms in recent years has been on creating large, walk-in showers with multiple showerheads, built-in storage nooks, and even sometimes bench seating. However, there’s much more focus on bathing. Perhaps after a tough year, many of us are looking to let our worries sink away in the bubbles of a deep, hot bath. If you’re a fan of relaxing with a long soak, you’ll love this trend of bathtubs taking center stage.

If you’re looking to do a gut renovation in your bathroom, it’s the perfect time to redesign the space to fit a bath. Even if you don’t have the largest room to work with, space-saving soaking tubs are becoming more readily available and don’t take as much time or water to fill up, which is a bonus. Look up “construction companies near me” or “builders who do bathrooms” to find contractors in your area who can make your vision become a reality. While clawfoot models and more decorative bases always have their place, we’ll see many more freestanding tubs, especially those that are flat-bottomed or made of marble.

Wood-Look Tiles

Tile choice in a bathroom can be challenging because there are products galore to select from. If you want to be on-trend as you design your wet room this year, though, you might like to consider tiles designed to look like wood. Many manufacturers are coming out with ceramic and porcelain tile products that mimic natural hardwood finishes. This option gives you the versatility, durability, and ease of care of ceramic or porcelain materials paired with the organic, warm stylings that pay homage to nature.

free standing bathtub

Nods to Nature

Speaking of the outdoors, bathroom trends continue giving the nod to nature as people incorporate botanical elements into their wet rooms. You might follow suit by adding plants to your bathroom, whether real potted ones or artificial options. You can also choose tiles or wallpaper adorned with flowers, trees, or other nature-inspired motifs to bring in a sunny vibe. Perhaps you’ll choose room materials made from stone, terra cotta, timber, and other earthy textures with tactile finishes that are anything but clinical and cold. Plus, for cabinetry, think nature-based hues like eye-catching greens, calming blues, and warm bronze, rust, biscuit, and caramel. Verdant shades add depth and boldness to a bathroom.

Smart Devices

With smart-home gear becoming increasingly popular, it’s no wonder that innovative tech is also making its way into bathrooms more and more. Today, there are plenty of options to check out, particularly when it comes to smart toilets. Look for products with hands-free components, such as self-closing lids and touch-free flushing, as well as self-cleaning technology, all of which reduce germs and make bathrooms cleaner and healthier. There are also automatic hand-wipe sensors, de-misting mirrors, and more use of integrated LED temperature displays and charging and USB ports for external devices. Some other trends in bathroom design to check out include graphic wallpaper designs, retreat vibes as people turn their wet rooms into peaceful spa sanctuaries, and much more color, not to mention more use of moody black. Use one or more of these 2021 trends to design a bathroom for your home that gives an impressive “wow” effect.

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