Toilet Flushing Do’s and Don’ts According to The Pros

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Did you know that World Toilet Day is actually a thing? No joke, it’s a UN international observance on November 19th to address the global sanitary crisis. But we need to address another crisis- the one in your toilet. If you made it so far to this page, there’s no reason to be shy about it. We’ve got your back and we will take care of you and your clogged toilet.

Toilet Flushing Do's and Don'ts According to The Pros

So, without further ado let’s bluntly lay out what you should and shouldn’t flush down that hole!

To Flush Or Not To Flush?

Clogging your toilet always starts with the same old existential question, “Would it clog the toilet, though?”. If you find yourself pondering for a few minutes whether you should or shouldn’t flush whatever you’re holding in your hand down the drain, you probably shouldn’t! So the first do’s item on our list is if you have to think about it, it’s most likely to be an epic fail.

Flushing Science

We know you didn’t sign up for this, but bear with us. There are dispersible and non-dispersible products; a dispersible product is made to break down or- in simpler words- dissolve in water quickly. You may find products at the store with the label “flushable”, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re dispersible. The only product we can hands-down guarantee is dispersible is toilet paper. However, if you throw in too much toilet paper, it can still clog your toilet. On the other hand, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, such as tampons and pads are definitely not going to break down.

What You Shouldn’t Do

The wastewater system or sanitary sewer system shouldn’t be treated like a trashcan. If you use your toilet to dispose of items like cigarette butts, dental floss, condoms, etc… you’re making a big mistake. If you continue to throw random things down the drain, your toilet will get clogged, overflow, and break down. So, here goes the ultimate don’ts list.

Don’t Flush Chemicals

Let’s talk about alcohol. Done partying and looking for a place to get rid of that extra liquor before your family gets home? Don’t listen to your friend Jessica who told you to flush alcohol down the toilet. In addition, don’t flush paints, thinners, or oil because they contain chemicals. Any chemicals are not only going to coat over the pipes and ruin the sewer system, but they’re also bad for the environment.

Don’t Flush Garbage

We tried to think of every possible item around your house, so it’s gonna be a long list! Don’t get rid of your bandages, band-aid wrappers, cotton balls, medicine pills, or diapers in the toilet. Hair accessories, paper towels, plastic, and cat litter are also not supposed to go there. Since we’re witnessing a global pandemic, we thought it’s relevant; face masks and gloves don’t belong in there either!

Don’t Abuse The Toilet

Abusing your toilet will backfire on you; climbing on it is not a good idea and might crack it at some point. So, get a stool or a ladder instead. They will come in handy, you won’t break your toilet. It’s also important to note that fixing the toilet yourself is not recommended. For instance, if you try to break a fitting and you hammer your toilet too hard, you can break it. So leave the plumbing to the professionals instead of making matters worse. To know more about your toilet and how to take care of it, you can visit Project for Home for more tips!

Toilet Flushing Do's and Don'ts According to The Pros - flushing

What You Can Actually Do

Install A Toilet Lid-Lock

We know that having children roaming around your house is hard to control. Kids would try to flush anything in the toilet. However, the solution is simple. Invest in a toilet-lid lock for your bathroom and let your guard down. This will save you so the hazards of flushing a barbie or a toy car down the drain.

Unclog Your Toilet

Use home remedies to help unclog your toilet; it’s both effective and cheap! Boil some water, mix it up with vinegar, and use it as a bowl cleanser. It will lessen the probability of clogging the toilet and it won’t cost you anything.

Pick It Up

Reach down the toilet and contaminate me? Yes, and it won’t give you cancer. Accidents happen all the time. If you drop something in the toilet, just put some gloves on, reach down there and grab it! Will save you the hassle of calling the plumber to come to fix your clogged pipes.

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of our list and we are proud of you. These simple tricks will save you a lot of hassle and money. Every time you damage your toilet and your pipes, the plumber is gonna feed off it. So, save your time and money and take care of your toilet.

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