6 Ways to Speed Up Home Renovation Projects

A home renovation project can be a great way to make a property you’ve stayed in for a while feel fresh and new. It may also be a necessity if you are looking to put your house on the market to sell up and need to modernize it and add value to it so you can as much money as possible for it to spend on your new home. One of the biggest problems with home renovation projects, especially if you are taking on a lot of the work and project managing yourself, is that they can run on and on and on.

6 Ways to Speed Up Home Renovation Projects

You get the picture. This is because you are probably going to continue working, because, let’s face it, you need to fund the project. However, they don’t have to take a long time, with the right planning and preparation in place and by following the tips and suggestions outlined in this post, you can complete that home renovation project within a reasonable timeframe.

Budget Accurately

One thing that holds up home renovations projects more than anything else is funds running out. This problem, though, can be avoided if you budget accurately before you even begin.

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Price up everything, including the tools, materials, tradesmen and anything else. Tailor your budget for the work to your actual earnings not projections. Use professional online like guides like this to help you know what needs to be accounted for.

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Prepare and Plan it Thoroughly

You know the old saying ‘by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’? That is applicable to carrying out home renovation projects on a whim and in an ad-hock and very laidback fashion. Even if it’s a passion project, you should still make the relevant plans and preparation for the work. Work out what you are going to do, how you are going to do it, who is going to help you and when it is all going to take place. The next two points we’ve highlighted along with this one when followed will always lead to success.

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Clear Time in Your Schedule

Another major issue with home renovation projects, particularly on a house that you are still living in, is that people tend to schedule progress and work on the project whenever they have available time. A solution, therefore, would rather obviously be to make time. Work out if you can take any paid leave from your work, if possible and try schedule a period where most of the work can be carried out without distractions or interruptions.

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Don’t Do It All by Yourself

Although you may want to complete as much of the work as possible on your own, without the help of professionals, this could mean that it takes a lot longer than it needs to. For specialized parts of the work particularly, it may be quicker to spend a little more and have the work completed more quickly and to a higher standard too. Even with the work you are doing yourself, try and enlist the help of friends and family. You could even promise them a slap-up meal or a party when the project is completed as way of rewarding them for their help and efforts. Just don’t do it all yourself or you will be doing it all yourself for longer than you anticipated.

If you want to quickly finish your home renovation project, seek experts to help you get the job done using the right techniques, equipment, and technology. For example, you can hire a demolition company to professionally knock down walls and remove floors, partitions, ducts, doors, mezzanines, ceilings, and bulkheads. Visit this website to learn more about professional demolition services to ensure safety during a home renovation.

Hiring a licensed electrician is also advisable instead of replacing electrical fixtures yourself. Live, hidden wires and improperly installed cables are safety hazards. Without proper training and experience, you’re at a high risk of sustaining electrical shock. So, it’s best to hire an expert to avoid compromising your safety.

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Use Technology To Your Advantage

It never hurts to look for quicker ways to do some of the more basic and menial tasks involved in renovation projects. Take, for instance, painting walls in single colors. Although you may enjoy watching as the paint slowly goes on when using a brush or a roller, there are quicker ways to get that paint on those walls. Quicker ways that are just as effective as the manual methods. For instance, using paint sprayers can help you to add several coats of paint to walls in a much quicker and, depending on the model you buy, more efficiently.

You can search for the latest technologies online or by speaking with a product specialist. Check the features of the pain sprayer, sensor, or any latest home renovation tool or equipment, and compare them with other brands in terms of quality and price. Moreover, don’t miss checking customer reviews to find out if the latest technological product is effective.

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Communicate Effectively

If you have several people on site while you are carrying out your renovation project, it is important that you all communicate effectively. Whether you are working with professionals or your buddies, you need to make sure that there are clear lines of communication. It can be hard to manage a large team of people, especially if you are not used to it. Remember that shouting or not being particularly nice to those helping you out, whether they are paid or unpaid, is not going to achieve the best results. Take a calm and collaborative approach. Take on board the opinions of others rather than ignoring them because it might be that they have a better and quicker idea. Fallouts and disputes will waste valuable time and could even extend your timeframe.


Finish your home renovation projects by applying the tips above. Attain successful project outcomes by creating a solid plan, setting the right budget, assessing your project needs, and improving communication. Furthermore, determine your options and seek professional help when needed.

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