Design Your Reach-In Closet With These Tips From The Pros

Gone are the days when closets were just a bunch of rods and shelves put together in one place. In today’s world, reach-in closets are equipped with various features and can be designed in the exact way you want. The closet must be adjustable, durable, and easy to use, as it is the first thing you use in the morning and whenever you need to change.

Design Your Reach-In Closet With These Tips From The Pros

Designing your reach-in closet efficiently will save you time and effort every day while trying to find an outfit. Custom closets give you the flexibility to design them however you want, and these tips from the pros will introduce you to some factors that you should keep in mind while designing your reach-in closet.

Expand Vertically

Most builders leave a space on the top between the closet and the ceiling, and on the bottom which wastes precious space that you can use efficiently. You don’t have to install additional shelves, as you can use stackable storage. Put bins on high shelves and roll-out boxes on the floor under the closet, and if you have enough space, you can add another closet rod. These spaces would be more difficult to access for everyday use, so store seasonal clothes in them or any items you don’t regularly use.

Function Over Style

We all want our closets to look as stylish as possible. It feels nice to look at an aesthetically pleasing closet first thing in the morning. However, if decorating your closet will take essential space that you can use to store your clothes, then prioritize function over style. Look for ideas to use spaces in your closet efficiently while designing your reach-in closet. You need to store your shoes, bags, clothes, and other items instead of a flower vase. Your closet won’t look the way you want initially, but it will reduce the frustration you will feel when you can’t find your work clothes in the morning.

Lighting is Essential

How can you find anything you want in a closet if you can’t see it? Natural light from windows may be sufficient to find your clothes in the morning, but at night you will need reliable lighting in place. It might be difficult to install lighting in pre-made closets, but custom closets give you the versatility to install lighting wherever you want. Putting a light source behind you will cast shadows on what you are trying to see, so it is better to install lights inside the closet. However, keep in mind that incandescent bulbs pose a fire hazard as they produce heat inside an enclosed space with flammable materials. Opt for fluorescent lights to ensure nothing bad will happen to your precious closet.

Design Your Reach-In Closet With These Tips From The Pros - closet

Design With Adjustability in Mind

Fashion changes constantly, and the clothes you used to wear last summer are no longer trendy this summer. If your shelves and rods are fixed in their place, it can pose a problem as you will add clothes with different measurements regularly and they might not fit into your current setup. A laminate closet system with increment holes will prevent these issues from happening, as it gives you the flexibility to adjust the height of any shelf or rod easily by moving them from one hole to another. Additionally, it can be beneficial if your kid, for example, is sharing the closet and you can adjust the shelves and rods so they can reach their clothes easily.

Don’t Forget Drawers

Unfortunately, most people forget about the importance of drawers while designing their closets. Drawers make the closet look more stylish and they hold more stuff. You can put two to three more volumes of garments in drawers than hanging. If you partitioned the drawers well, you will store your socks, underwear, scarves, and other small items more efficiently and you will find them easily while getting ready to go out. However, make sure to install them at an appropriate height so you won’t have to bend down while digging for your favorite pair of socks.

Applying all these tips will transform your reach-in closet from regular to amazing and efficient. The closet is an essential part for anyone as they use it multiple times per day for different reasons. That’s why you should give designing it a good thought to ensure that you won’t be frustrated while looking for a particular piece of clothing. Don’t leave a space unutilized as you can store additional items, always put function first, make your closet adjustable, and don’t forget to put drawers.

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