Tips to Have a More Inviting Kitchen

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The kitchen is the place where you whip up fantastic dishes, but seeing how your kitchen looks, the bland walls, the bland tiles, and the bland floors, makes you realize how far it is from being wonderful. If vibrant flavors can dance around your dishes, why not make your kitchen decor as high-spirited as well?

Tips to Have a More Inviting Kitchen

So, for the meantime, please put down your pots and pans and pick up your dusty decorating tools and follow our top tips on how to level up your kitchen look.


Unknown to many, the most important home kitchen improvement tip they should know is … to unclutter it, but this step seems to be the most neglected activity in the kitchen. Wiping your kitchen clean is totally different from decluttering it. To declutter means to go deep down in your kitchen cabinets, down to every corner of your kitchen, to throw away any unnecessary things that eat up space and adds bad odor to your kitchen. This step brings the much-needed breathing space for your kitchen and for yourself as well.


Open shelving adds a solid form/functionality decoration for your kitchen. The pots and other kitchen essentials that you put in open shelves will also serve as an added decoration, which a closed shelf cannot do. A delicate installation like this is best done by renovations experts. Aesthetically speaking, one more advantage that open shelves have is its clean lines that complement the existing decorations of your kitchen.


One of the best ways to add strong bursts of decoration in your kitchen is to decorate its walls, but this time, you should put down your wallpapers for the meantime and instead look at your pots as a substitute. Thus, what do pans have to do with a great wall decor? You can utilize your wall by using it as a storage space for your pans– not only pans but other kitchen essentials, like baking tools and chopping boards.

Tips to Have a More Inviting Kitchen - kitchen decor

By simply hanging these things on the wall, you can quickly add a distinct decoration for your kitchen. A word of caution: just don’t hang sharp objects and objects made of glass because it will surely pose a danger rather than improving the look of your kitchen.


One of the most unusual but eye-pleasing decors you can do to your kitchen is putting a chalkboard paint on it. It’s a decor that you can change any time. You can change it based on your moods, on seasons or on the occasion. It’s a decor that your kids would surely love (and would be more than happy to customize it every single day)


The presence of wood in your kitchen adds an essential earth tone that lightens up its overall look. With all the metals and plastics that you see wherever you walk, wooden utensils balance the kitchen atmosphere with its material. Also, wood is a classic decor that works in every thinkable place, and your kitchen is not an exception.


The perfect decorations that can complement your wood utensils are hanging plants. By having one or two of these hanging plants in your kitchen, it creates a ‘nature vibe’ together with your wooden utensils. It adds a refreshing atmosphere that is pleasing to the eyes and the senses.


By adding a window to your kitchen to let more sunlight in, literally brightens up the whole kitchen. You may turn your fluorescent lights at full blast, but nothing beats the soothing and calming feeling of seeing and being ‘kissed’ with the sunlight. Aside from the brightness it can bring, an additional window reduces an enclosed feeling, by letting you see the environment outside, and its one more benefit? It improves the ventilation inside your kitchen.

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