Handy Tips in Designing Your Kitchen's Interior

The heart of every home is a well-established kitchen, and the role of the kitchen has evolved from significantly from the old days, where it was simply used as a place to cook food or stay warm. Nowadays, kitchens are equipped with the latest appliances and furnished with the most aesthetic materials available, such marble, hardwood, and tiles.

This has seen a lot of people revamping the looks of their kitchen as they do not want to be left behind. However, trying to balance out a kitchen that is both dashing and spacious requires appropriate decision on what to include in your kitchen, and which ones you should just give a hard pass. When designing a kitchen, here are five tips that will help you turn your kitchen into something fabulous.

Brighten the Kitchen

A dark room often feels small. Applying a fresh coat of paint on the walls in light shade can help solve the issue. If one is attached to his or her rich, dark finish, installing a good lighting system can also do the trick. Under cabinet lights are great since they directly illuminate the countertops which help eliminate shadows in the kitchen. Trying some of the following trends will help you come up with a long lasting solution:

  • Replacing old-fashioned bulbs with energy saving ones
  • Add LED lights under the cabinets, shelves and kitchen door
  • Use standard version for easy replacement in case of any damage
  • Consider putting a mirror on the walls to help reflect back as much light as possible.

Having good visibility will make the kitchen safe and conducive, making sure that one will not end up bumping into items in the dark. Proper light not only help in food preparation, but also encourage people to spend time in the kitchen.

Don’t overlook the ceiling

When designing a kitchen, people tend to pay a blind eye on the importance of the ceiling. This should not be the case as it is the ceiling which determines how much light is going to be absorbed or reflected back in the entire room. Additionally, cooking causes a great deal of heat, smoke and high humidity in the kitchen. All this combined can cause a great havoc on the ceiling. It is crucial to pay attention to the quality and durability of the ceiling. An ideal ceiling should be:

  • Easy to clean
  • Water resistant
  • Beautiful and smooth
  • Spacious
  • BrightHandy tips in designing your kitchen interior - kitchen ceiling

Don’t forget the floors

When considering kitchen flooring choices, you should prioritize in functionality and durability. Due to a wide range of variety, choosing the right material or style can be an overwhelming experience. Since the kitchen can have a significant amount of traffic, making it prone to spills ranging from oil, wine, water and food, you definitely need to look for a material which can withstand use over time, while still be easy to maintain. The floor needs to be slip resistant yet maintain its attractiveness. Since cooking requires one to stand for a long period, considering a floor which will be soft on your feet is important especially to those having back problems. The choices vary depending on taste and they include:

  • Concrete flooring
  • Rubber flooring
  • Tile flooring
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Wood laminate flooring
  • Bamboo flooring

To go for the floor type that is appropriate for the kitchen furnishing. Since the kitchen can nowadays be used as a dining place, the furniture should fit the decor of the floor while maintaining its integrity. One can make the surface durable by placing soft pads under the legs of the chairs and tables. If you still find it difficult coming up with the right type of floor for you, contacting kitchen designer Melbourne will be of great help. They have qualified staff all over the world and their work is exemplary!

Handy tips in designing your kitchen interior - kitchen floor

Add more shelves

A kitchen without sufficient shelves will automatically reduce its potential. During design, both functionality and aesthetic looks of the shelves should be considered. Less storage shelves will make the kitchen look ugly as items will be crowded or you may end up storing provisions in other rooms which is practically inconvenient. Having shelves in corners or over the counter can be perfect and convenient to you. When choosing the right shelves, there are many factors to consider. However, cost and durability are key elements that one should have in mind.

Open shelving continues to hold its place in the market place as it allows one to focus on collection of the beautiful vintage pitchers or earthenware. Arranging your items depending on color, material or pattern will make the shelves look more stylish rather than congested. When choosing kitchen shelves, make sure they blend well with the kitchen decor. Choose depending on your needs with a bit of extra storage space for any future growing demands.

Think about the counter space

Lack of sufficient counter space in the kitchen can be infuriating. In order to create more space, the most important design feature that one should incorporate is being minimalist. Uncluttered kitchen counters don’t only look great and modern, but they also increase the working space, making it easier to prepare and cook. The first step to deal with crowded counter is to put away small equipments.

Additionally, choose a surface that is easier to clean and work on. The surface should not get scratchy for example stainless steel which will compromise its quality. Having a countertop made of classic soapstone or a beautiful granite pattern will transform your kitchen look and make it a place where you will be proud to have family and friends gather.

It is of no use to have a gorgeous kitchen that does not meet its minimum standard functionality. Owning a well-designed kitchen is crucial since it will allow you to finish tasks smoothly, efficiently and safely. We tend to use our kitchens frequently, if not daily, and thus we should make sure that its design meets the intended purpose. Incorporating modern technology and equipping your kitchen with appropriate furniture will be an icing on the cake. In truth, if your kitchen has both beauty and functionality, it will become the best place for you and your family!