Important Tips To Keep In Mind Before Carrying Out Roof renovation

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At least every 5 years, a review of the quality of your roof is necessary. This is done in order to prevent possible leaks, but also to allow better insulation of your home. Indeed, despite the construction standards in force, the roofing of a house in good condition allows 15% of the heat to pass through. Imagine what it is with a dilapidated roof.

Important Tips To Keep In Mind Before Carrying Out Roof renovation

Are you convinced yet? Here is what you should know about roof renovation.

A professional site

Even if you are a DIY professional, you should leave the renovation of your roof to experts. And for good reason, this is a real construction and renovation site that requires not only equipment but also years of experience in real estate. Not to mention that this type of work can subsequently affect the comfort of your home. You might as well take advantage of the guarantees offered by roofers. Indeed, like any artisan, the roofer must offer a long-term guarantee for his work for the repair of any construction defects. An expert in the field of roof renovation of a building will offer you a tailor-made estimate and personalized and meticulous support in carrying out all the work. His know-how may be required from the choice of materials to the finishing of the roof. It can even offer you different solutions to minimize expenses related to the development of your space.

First step: diagnosis of the roof

Before proceeding with the renovation of the roof, it will be necessary to first go through an assessment of the situation. The diagnosis makes it possible to find the real problems of your structure and to personalize the solutions in order to minimize the expenses related to the work. To do this, you will need professional devices to measure in particular the level of humidity contained in each tile. It will be necessary to analyze each square centimeter of the external roofing than to pass in the attic for a more in-depth study of the frame and the internal state of the roof. It is only after the fact that you can benefit from an accurate estimate and personalize the work to be considered.

Second step: choosing the materials to use

The roof renovation estimate can fluctuate depending on the materials you will use for the project. For the tiles, in particular, those that will be the most to change, you have the choice between terracotta, metal, slate, or photovoltaic ink. The trend leans, for information, for slate, which brings a certain chic to the frame. As for the shapes, you have the choice between single plates, oval or square tiles. It all depends on the aesthetic rendering you want to have. If you intend to replace only part of your accessories, the question does not arise. You must choose the same tiles as the previous ones. As for the frame, wood remains timeless. It is still durable. It all depends on the prior treatments to which it has been subjected. In addition, lighter than metal, it adapts to all homes and will be easier to handle. In reality, a metal frame is only really necessary if you fancy a glass roof.

Important Tips To Keep In Mind Before Carrying Out Roof renovation - roofers

Third step: work plan

Making a plan of the work will allow better management of the production time and ensure the aesthetics of the results. This is necessary whether or not you plan to revise the form of your residence. Despite the proliferation of some free sites and software for creating a building plan, it is still advisable to hire a professional architect for this step. This is the guarantee of the quality of the work and the precision as well as the veracity of the measurements. In addition, for building permit applications, which is compulsory for all major work such as the replacement of the frame, a plan from a certified professional will be required. The intervention of an architect can affect the estimate of the renovation of your roof. Indeed, it will cost you less to correct the shape of the new frame on paper.

Fourth step: removing the roof from the house

We finally get to the important aspect. You will have to remove the cover from the house. In order to protect your property from infiltration and rain, it will be necessary to proceed from one wing to another. You will also need to cover the remaining wing with a tarp. Disassembly will take less time if it is a glued rather than nailed cover. But, in both cases, the roofing craftsman will have to be meticulous if he wants to allow you to reuse certain tiles, and thus, reduce your expenses. An experienced roofer will sort it out and use the condition of the accessories and his professional instinct to do so. In the event of a leak located on only one part of the roof, it will not be necessary to dismantle everything. It will simply be necessary to replace the tiles on this part of the house. This will also save you time in carrying out the work even if it may be necessary to call on a scaffolding rental company, so do a little Google search to find one in your area.

Fifth step: Installation of the new roof

Finally, after a few weeks, it will be possible to proceed with the installation of your new roof. The standards for doing this do not change. It will be necessary to proceed from bottom to top and make sure to respect the distances between each tile. Not knowing these standards is one of the reasons why it is advisable to hire a professional roofer. A fine connoisseur of construction laws, he guarantees you professional and rapid support with optimal quality of service. The estimate for the installation of the new tiles, as well as the duration of the work vary according to the area to be covered.

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