Top 5 Effective Commercial Cleaning Tip To Keep your Office Neat

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It’s quite disheartening to see many business owners focusing more on increasing the productivity of their workers, at the expense of keeping their workplaces neat. Sure, productivity comes first, but having an office cleaned by a commercial cleaning company in Edinburgh, will not only keep the staff and client happy and healthy but will contribute to increased productivity.

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While cleaning your office might not be your highest priority, we shall provide you with effortless commercial cleaning tips that will easily adapt to your office routine.


The first thing you would want to do to keep your office looking clean is by de-cluttering your space. Having piles of loose papers, receipts, documents, files, and not books will only but make your office look messy. Cluttered office space is not only annoying, but it will greatly affect the productivity and efficiency of your employees.

Say goodbye to all the unnecessary freebies, promotional magazines and any collectible you’ve acquired over time. At the same time, try minimizing the prized assets that mean something to you like the certificates, prizes, or anything that you use daily in your operation. De-cluttering your office will allow you to breathe easier as you’ll no longer have to deal with piles of papers and there will be fewer items to gather.

Organization is the Key

Assuming you’ve decided to de-clutter your office, the next step you would want to take is to organize your office. For a well-organized office, you’ll need several types of equipment. First things first, you probably will need file folders and drawers. Filing cabinets are also quite handy and will help in the storage of things such as invoices, work orders, customer profiles, vendor information, and more.

Desk trays, on the other hand, are ideal for storing documents for immediate use. For instance, the desk trays can be used for storing bills to be paid, and paperwork yet to be filed. An organized desk will not only save on your space but help in de-cluttering your office.

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Create a Checklist

Before taking up any commercial cleaning task, it’s vital that you first create a well-defined checklist that will allow you to complete your job in time. In the checklist, it’s important to make a list of all the areas in the office that will need cleaning to avoid leaving some areas. This will include the reception, conference room, workstation to the subtle locations such as desk, beneath the locker to cleaning the keyboards/telephones. Creating a checklist of what is to be cleaned will not only save your time but ensure that you clean all the spots and do not miss any.

Maintain Indoor Air Quality

Maintaining a stream of clean and fresh air into the office will help in boosting the productivity of your team and avoiding allergies altogether. However, you’ll realize that opening windows, which seem like the ideal solution, might bring in irritants such as dust and pollen. Using an HVAC, on the other hand, can irritate some employees, especially if you have dust that has accumulated over the winter.

One of the solutions for better indoor air quality is by going green and lessening the number of harsh chemicals in the air. Secondly, make a point of regular vacuuming to remove dust and other irritants. And finally, clean your HVAC ducts and filters to ensure the flow of clean and fresh air.

Take Advantage of the Slow Calendar

Summers or the holidays are the perfect time to conduct your deep cleaning. During these times, customer flow tends to be slow, as people are mostly out for vacation. During these periods, it easier to perform your office cleaning much easier and with less disruption.

Keeping your office looking pristine is not challenging as it may sound in the first place. However, if you feel the task burdening, you might consider hiring a professional cleaner such as Shine Cleaning Solutions for comprehensive services.

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