Eight Signs that It’s Time to Replace Your Main Water Line

For most homes, the main water line is one of the core functions of the plumbing system. It is the central source of water supply to your home and should be functioning properly if you want clean flowing water. However, sometimes an issue with the main water line can cause significant damage to other parts of the plumbing system.

Eight Signs that It’s Time to Replace Your Main Water Line

Apart from common leaks, a damaged main water line could cause the water supply to get contaminated, which is dangerous for your health. It can also waste a lot of water, which is why you should consider replacing it as soon as possible.

Here are eight signs that your main water line needs to be replaced:

The water pressure decreases in different taps

If the water pressure suddenly decreases in the whole house, there is something wrong with the main water line. You should also check whether it is just a clot in one of the fixtures (water source) or most of the house. If it is the latter, it could mean a clog in your main water line or even worse, a leak. However, if it persists in only one fixture, then this should not be a problem as it is most likely just a small clog.

The water becomes discolored or tastes different

If your water begins to taste or look different or stranger than usual, it could mean that there’s a break in your main water line. If such a rupture does occur, it doesn’t just let water out but also lets contaminants such as dirt and heavy-metals in. These contaminants could be exceptionally hazardous to your health if you bathe or drink the water. Thus, precautions should be taken, and the main water line checked for leaks.

Water pooling up in the yard

Water pooling up in your yard on patches of grass signifies that your main water line might need some fixing. This increase in moisture is a welcoming call for pests to your backyard and an alarm bell for you. Pest increasing does not necessarily mean that there are water problems, but it is a significant sign to check for any leaks just in case. In this case, you’ll need a plumber to give you a full evaluation of what the problem exactly is.

Clogged pipes

A significant increase in clogged plumbing around your house would most likely mean a problem with your main water line. The line could be damaged, causing a leak, or jam itself somewhere in the line. These clogs could have many causes, such as tree roots, an aged pipeline, or even debris. While clogs are quite common, you should check the mainline if the frequency of the clogging increases.

Eight Signs that It’s Time to Replace Your Main Water Line - pipes

Spike in utility bills

One sure sign that your pipes need to be checked is a sudden spike in your utility bills. If you don’t have any reason for the increase, it is probably water wasted through a leak. Call someone experienced in off tap plumbing in Sydney to help detect the leak and replace the mainline. The leak becomes more prominent in many cases if you don’t fix it in the early stages. The sooner you call an expert to fix the problem, the less cost you will have to incur to fix it.

Another reason to fix leaks as soon as possible is to contribute to a lot of water wastage.  A bust mainline can waste hundreds of liters of water in a few minutes, depending on the nature of the leak. Not only is it a wastage of clean water, but you will also feel it in your utility bill as well.

You hear leaks in your pipes

Sometimes you can hear a leak in the pipes, especially if it is big enough. If you hear any leaks or strange noises, you should have the mainline checked. Leaks can cause water damage to many parts of your house. This could be costly to restore later on. As with everything else, you should have the pipes checked as soon as possible if you hear any strange noises. Sometimes these noises are caused by clogs in the drain, which is also something that needs to be fixed. Have a professional plumber check the status of your mainline regularly to detect any clogging or leaks.

You notice mold in the cupboard or walls

Another sure sign that you have a plumbing problem is the presence of mold on the floor or walls. This is often caused by a leak in the pipes or mainline, and you should have it checked as soon as possible. The longer you leave the mold, the more damage it will cause to your house. Of course, the mold could be because of other factors, such as the humidity, but it’s better to make sure just in case.

You notice an increase in pests

In many cases, a leakage in the pipe or main water line can be challenging to detect, mostly if it is well concealed. However, sometimes you may notice that pests such as cockroaches will increase significantly. This often means that there is stagnant water close by, which is the perfect breeding ground for such pests. If you notice an unusual increase in such pests, make sure you call an experienced plumber to check the main water line. If the problem is at an advanced stage, you may need to replace the whole mainline.

Have regular checks

If something is wrong with your main water line, you will probably see signs indicating it is time to call a plumber. However, not all leaks can be detected, which is why you should have regular inspections. The sooner you patch up a problem, the less likely you have to replace the entire water line. By routine inspection we mean, that you should get your mainline water inspected twice a year at least. The inspection becomes necessary after a storm or heavy rainfall. It will cost you a few dollars but will save hundreds.

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