When Is It Time to Repair My Roof?

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The lifespan of your roof can vary depending on how often you take care of it and the materials that you decide to use. It is common for these roofs to last 15 to 50 years, which can be a good amount of time, but you still need to take care of the roof and make sure that it gets the attention and care that it needs. But what are some of the signs that it is time to repair and replace your roof?

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There are a number of different signs that you need to repair and replace your roof. Some of these include:

Water Damage

Go up to the attic and take a look around. If you notice that there is some water damage around in the attic, then this is a big sign that the roof is no longer doing the work that it should. If you notice that there is some water that stains the ceiling or there is some water dripping through the floorboards in the attic, then it is time for you to replace or repair the roof. If you start to notice that there is some rot forming there, then you may need to consider a roof replacement instead.

The Roof Sags

Take a look at the outside of the home and focus more on the roof itself. If your shingles curl up or there is a noticeable amount of sagging in the roofline, then it is time for a replacement or a repair. You will be able to tell when the roof starts to sag, even from the inside of the home. There are a number of reasons that the roof is sagging, including rotted plywood or broken beams. It may feel like there is something that is pushing down on the ceiling. When you notice this, it is time to get someone out to look at the roof and check if it is time to replace or repair.

Missing Shingles

Missing shingles can be a major problem for your roof because it is an area where the elements are allowed to get into the home. There are a number of things that can cause the shingles to not be in place, such as them being blown away by strong winds and the rain. They could also detach from the roof because they were not installed the right way. It is not a good idea to live in a home with missing shingles as moisture can get into the home through these openings. Work with a professional to fix up those areas as well.

Moss, Fungi, and Mold On the Roof

Your roof should not have a lot of moss and mold living on the top of your roof. This is a sign that there is a problem that you need to fix in your home. Moss and mold can easily form on wet and neglected roofs, causing a ton of damage over time. These plants will often continue to grow and then penetrate deeper into the shingles and can weaken the whole roof. This can be very dangerous over time. If you start to notice that there are some parts of the roof that are holding onto moss and mold, then it is time to get it all cleaned up. The more time you allow the problem to fester, the more expensive and extensive the repairs will be.

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Missing Flashing, Fascia, and Gutters

The gutters, flashing, and fascia boards may not seem like a big deal, but they are important when it is time to keep water away from the roof. When these pieces are damaged or they wear out, then there is a big risk of the roof getting damaged at the same time. You will need to go around the home on a regular basis to check whether they are all still in place. It is even more important to do this after there has been a severe storm to make sure that you are keeping the home as safe as possible.

Buckling or Curling Shingles

As you take a look at your shingles, check to see whether they are curling or buckling quite a bit. If this is a sign that you notice, then you need to go through and give your roof some of the repairs they deserve. When the shingles look this way, a strong wind will be enough to blow them all away and cause some problems with the rest of your home. You may also notice that these types of shingles can lead to a leaking roof. It is always best to be proactive and take care of the issue as quickly as you can.

Excessive Leaks and Stains on the Ceiling

Take a look at the inside of your home at the ceiling. Do you notice that there are some leaks and stains on the ceiling above you? This is a big sign that water is leaking through and you need to call the professionals immediately before the issue gets worse. The longer you wait on some of this, the more damage you will find to your roof and to the home. There is already extensive amounts of damage by the time this is found. When it comes to residential roof repair, you need to get the work done as quickly as possible. This will ensure that you are able to keep your home safe and will not have to pay for some costly repairs later on when you discover water damage inside the home. Whether you need to repair just a few pieces of the roof or it is time for a full roof replacement, you need to take care of your roof and work with the right roofing professionals to help you out.

Our team is here to make repairing your roof as simple as possible. Many homeowners are worried about the high costs of replacing their roof, but our team is here to take away some of the worry. We will make sure to get the repairs done as efficiently as possible, ensuring that you will be able to get your roof fixed and your home safe.

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