How Moss Affects Your Roof

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Climbing plants such as ivy are well-known for their ability to damage roofs, but did you know that Moss can also do a lot of damage? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how moss affects your roof and how a Roofing Marrero company can do to prevent it from causing any damage.

How Moss Affects Your Roof

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What is Moss, and how does it grow on roofs?

Moss is a relatively common roofing problem, but not many people know what Moss is. Mosses are nonflowering plants that absorb moisture and nutrients through their leaves instead of their roots. Some roofing contractors claim that they can diagnose roof leaks simply by looking at Moss on the roof – since Moss can only grow where there’s shade and dampness, it grows in areas with roof leaks because the roof isn’t able to properly drain water away from those spots.

What problems does moss cause?

People who have roofs covered with Moss might notice some severe damage after just a few months of letting this pesky plant flourish on their roof. The number one problem caused by roof moss is roof rot – because the roof remains moist, roof flashings can start to erode, causing roof leaks. These roof leaks are what make Moss happy, so you get a nice big mossy roof even if your roof isn’t leaking yet!

How do you treat roof moss?

Treating roof moss can be simple – some roofing contractors suggest using household bleach mixed with water to kill Moss’s roots. The bleach will also discourage any other plants from growing on top of your roof for quite some time until the roots have had enough time to regrow. Other options include pressure washing or power scrubbing your roof – these treatments remove not only the exposed parts of your roof covered by dirt and old leaves, but they also go deep into cracks and crevices to remove the roots which have grown underneath the roof. These treatments often leave a roof completely bare, and roofing experts suggest that you apply ceiling paint over your roof to protect it from future damage.

How Moss Affects Your Roof - cleaning

How long will my roof moss removal last?

One thing most roof contractors agree on is that once you treat your roof’s moss problems, you should repeat the process every two years or so to keep your roof free of unsightly moss growths. By re-treating your roof with bleach water or power washing every couple of years, you’ll ensure that any plant life creeping up onto your roof has been totally removed and dealt with accordingly. One tip offered by a home expert is never trying to kill roof moss yourself by applying bleach or other harsh chemicals to your roof as it can lead to permanent damage.

Removal from roof tiles

Alternatively, you might want to try removing roof moss from roof tiles by hand rather than with a power washer, which is far more likely to damage the roof surface. If you go this route, be sure that you’ve already treated your roof with one of the methods listed above to ensure the mold has been killed and won’t regrow after your work is done.

Other benefits of roof moss treatment

Aside from preventing roof damage and roof-related accidents, roof moss treatment can also add value to your home. For one thing, a clean roof is more accessible for potential buyers and real estate agents to see when they’re considering whether or not to purchase it. A clean roof reflects the sunlight better than one covered in black dots. If you’re putting your house on the market soon, then having your roof weathered and washed could be just the ticket! Roof moss treatment also helps with air circulation by escaping heat rather than trapping itself under shingles where it becomes stifling–especially in warmer climates. This extended roof life will save you money in the future because you won’t have to replace roofs quite as often. If roof moss treatment keeps your roof in good condition for a more extended period, then it’s practically a money saver!

Moss can be a real pain to remove, but roof cleaning companies have made some great strides in new roof treatments that repel the pesky plant life from ever-growing on your roof, and if they’re using tried and true methods as well as unique technology, you’ll be satisfied with their efforts. Any roofer who takes pride in what they do will go out of their way to make sure you are happy with the results of roof moss treatment, so don’t settle for one who doesn’t provide stellar service at competitive rates. After all, it’s not just the roofer’s reputation online, but yours too.

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