4 Things A First-Time Home Seller Must Know

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So, you’ve decided to sell your home. What’s next? Well, busy days are up ahead. As this is your first time being a property seller, expect that there will be a lot on your plate. You have so much to accomplish and do, perhaps with so little time. It’s safe to say that a majority of home sellers may want to sell their homes fast and for the most money. This is often easier said than done, however. The real estate market is not without challenges that you’ll have to adapt to. Doing so can increase your chances of getting your home off the market as soon as possible.

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Before selling your home for the very first time, you may first want to be aware of the following points:

1. Competitively Pricing Your Home Is A Must

Coming up with a competitive price for your home can be tricky. On the one hand, you want to price it high to earn an income. But, on the other side of the equation, buyers are looking for the best deals. And by best deals, this doesn’t necessarily imply a hefty price tag. This is where competitive pricing comes in. You can’t just make any random estimate based on what you think your home is worth. As the seller, remove any emotional attachment to your home as soon as you decide to sell it. That way, you can think of it as a person doing a business transaction would. It’s a product that’s now up for sale. You have to be realistic about the pricing, else it’s never going to make it out of the shelves. Pricing competitively means assessing its value based on the fair market value, computing the applicable tax, and many other factors. You can do this by enlisting the assistance of a real estate assessor.

2. Listing Photos Can Be A Deal-Breaker

Don’t rush the process of taking photos of your home. Be very particular about this step, so you’re able to showcase your home’s best features. Then, do take photos at different times of the day, too. That way, you can increase your home’s marketability. Be honest with yourself. Do you really know how to take good photos? Is your smartphone good enough for that job? You can also contact a real estate photography editing service if you want to enhance your marketing photos. This latter option is often the best choice. That way, you’d be certain that all photos you’re posting of your home show its best features.

3. Preparing Your Home For The Market Is A Must

If you’re really pressed for time to sell your home fast and you can’t be bothered to go through even the most minor improvements for your home, then your best bet is to sell to a cash home buyer. Those are companies that buy houses so they can flip them up for resale. They don’t mind what the current state is. So, there’s less preparation needed from your end. However, if you’re taking the usual route of selling your home, then preparation is a must. You have to be willing to spend some time first and a little bit more effort to do those house preparation strategies before even posting your home up for sale.

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What are some of the best ways for you to prep your home? Here are some ideas:

  • Repaint your home. This is one of the cheapest upgrades you can do, which you can also DIY. It’ll make your home look and smell new.
  • Replace any outdated hardware in your cabinets. You don’t have to change all your cabinets. At least take the time to replace the hardware with new, more modern-looking ones.
  • Fix your façade. First impressions are lasting. During those open house days, you’ll want your home to be presentable. You can make a good first impression when your façade and your garden look great.

4. Removing Personal Items Is A Must – ASAP

A part of removing any emotional attachment you may have towards your home also involves removing personal items. Do this as soon as you decide to sell your home. Why? It’s no longer going to be your home. Pack those up first and send them over to your new home as soon as possible. Another compelling reason is you have to give space and room for the new homeowners to imagine what life’s going to be like in the property when they place their own belongings and make their own memories. They can’t do this when it’s still filled with your personal memorabilia.


The list above can help quell whatever concerns you may have about selling your home for the first time. As a newbie property seller, it’s normal to have a lot of apprehensions. Don’t think, however, that you can never sell your home successfully. Homebuyers today are becoming more particular with their choices, as they’re all on the lookout for good buys. But, this doesn’t mean you can’t make a good profit out of your sale. This is possible, but only when you’re armed with all the information and strategies you need.

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