How to Take Great Photographs of Your House for Selling

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The first step in selling a house is owning great photographs. In a National Association of Realtors study, 90% of home buyers searched online during their home buying process. Online technology changed real estate – from online selling to reading online reviews from the public. Here’s the great news! In “we buy houses for cash” companies, you may close significantly faster than you would in the open-market sale.

How to Take Great Photographs of Your House for Selling

How can the photos of your house stand out and be a “thumb-stopper” from all the houses for sale? Here are some tips that will help you set up a picture-perfect house and will let a buyer slow down, take a look, and read about how perfect your house is. For more professional tips on real estate photography please visit visit

1.  Clean as you go

No matter how much your house is, to make your house look worth a hundred million dollars – declutter every part of the house. Buyers usually want to see the full potential of your house to picture themselves in it. Thus, it matters to see the house in your photos as clean as it can be. Take away everything besides large pieces of furniture and light fixtures.

2.  Professionally stage your house

Stage your house professionally by creating small “vignettes” in each room to let your potential buyers have a vision of their own family and things in that home. According to the National Association of Realtors, 77% of buyers say that staging helps them see a house as their future. For example, you can hang fresh clean towels in the bathroom or add a bright-colored pillowcase on your sofa. Be creative!

3.  Lightning is the key

To showcase your house properly, make sure you give your house the right amount of lighting it needs. First, schedule your photoshoot in the daytime so you can get a lot of natural light. Make sure that during your photoshoot, the sun is behind the house. Second, to let that natural light enter the house, open the blinds or windows. Third, turning the lights on or off depends on which emotion you want the buyer to feel. Additional light will give some sort of warmth and coziness to your pictures.

How to Take Great Photographs of Your House for Selling - house

4.  The right spot for the right photo

If you want to preview your house in the best way possible, choose the best possible position to get a great angle. Consider the location of windows, furniture placement, and the site you want to highlight in the photo. The best angle for a real estate photo is at about chest height and shoot straight on.

5.  Be realistic

No matter the amount of photoshop, best camera settings, an ideal time to shoot, and all the proposed photography equipment to utilize – the best thing to do as a seller is to be realistic to your buyer. After all, do you think a buyer will buy a house that looks different from the photos? I guess not.


The photographs of your home are the beginning of how much your house can offer in the market. It’s okay to hire a professional photographer to take over. You can always sell your houses to “we buy houses for cash” companies for more convenience!

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