These Smart Appliances Are Building The Future Home

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The humble household is no stranger to cutting-edge technological advancement. From the early days of human civilization, people have been motivated by expanding their wealth and – by extension – their familial comfort. This need has driven innovation in the household furniture and appliances industries, who always strive for the best. Over the years, the modern house has evolved into something that contains an expansive array of impressive devices.

These Smart Appliances Are Building The Future Home

Not everyone has been as receptive to these new household appliances, however. Change, even for the better, is often met with resistance and a steadfast clinging to doing things the old way. It works, so why change it? Well, with the pace at which people live their lives these days, change is almost necessary. And big change is definitely here. The popularity of connected devices is growing at an exponential rate and, like it or not, they’re here to stay. Those that become common household names will be the ones that supply a seamless experience and provide the most value. Below are some of the coolest IoT versions of common household items on the market right now. The list is nowhere near complete, but it provides a good indication of what future households will look like.

Security Cameras

Home surveillance has come a long way from those grainy analog days where one can hardly make out any details. The latest security cameras come with a boatload of features, all shot in HD quality. High-tech security cameras like the Arlo Pro 2 can take screenshots and send their owners notifications when they detect movement. IoT security cameras upload hours of footage to a cloud server which can be viewed in real time or rewinded later. These cameras offer great peace of mind during both the day and night, with clear night vision that has improved greatly over the years. Plus, some even have microphones and speakers built-in, so the owner can talk to a delivery man or calm down an overexcited dog.

Washing Machines

Washing machines might seem like the last thing that needs an IoT upgrade, but there’s actually quite a bit to improve upon. Traditional top-loader washing machines use a lot of water and energy, often to an unnecessary degree.

Washing machines like the Samsung WW6800 QuickDrive analyze the weight and size of the load, instead of going with pre-set measurements. They then use the exact amount of water and energy needed to wash the clothes. The biggest convenience, however, comes in through the ability to control the washing machine via an app. People can put in a load before going to work and have it done just before getting home.

The Oven

Just like the washing machine, ovens can also do with a few improvements. Breville’s Smart Oven, for instance, has food ID technology along with an internal scale and thermometer. These additions allow the oven to analyze the meal inside and suggest a cooking time and method. Not only will that make for a perfectly cooked meal, but it also saves on both time and energy. Some smart ovens even have a camera installed that allows people to watch their food from their phone. The ovens can also send an alert when the food is ready or at its optimal internal temperature. No more food that’s warm on the outside and cold on the inside.

These Smart Appliances Are Building The Future Home - smart oven

The Fridge

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the fridge is the heart of the kitchen. Smart fridges now come with the ability to keep different compartments going at different temperatures. More than that, they can act as a digital calendar for the family and can connect to the store to order groceries online. Some, like Samsung’s Family Hub, can even connect to a camera at the front door to show who’s there.

The Bottom Line

Technological advancement is an inevitability and brings a lot of convenience and time-saving benefits with it. There’s no denying that. However, there’s also good cause for people’s hesitation to adopt this technology, mainly in the form of a digital home invasion. Yes, hackers. Unfortunately, the reality is that IoT devices open households up for a lot of exploitation and it’s a big cause for concern. Owners should look into protecting their homes by installing a VPN and changing the passwords on their devices regularly. Having a strong firewall on the home network is also essential. The benefits that smart devices bring to the table are great, but they These Smart Appliances Are Building The Future Homeshouldn’t be used at the expense of safety.

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