The Benefits Of Basement Waterproofing In Philadelphia

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Has your basement been flooded again? Well, cellar flooding is unquestionably the worst nightmare of homeowners living in moist climates, affecting the structure of the entire house. Anything from a burst pipe to heavy rains can be the cause of such property damage. However, instead of wasting hours on cleaning every time the flooding takes place, you’re advised to hire professional assistance in the form of waterproofing contractors. Nowadays, there is a multitude of waterproofing Philadelphia companies, providing homeowners with effective waterproofing methods to keep water out of their basements.

The Benefits Of Basement Waterproofing In Philadelphia

These are the main benefits of waterproofing your cellar.

Lower risk of basement flooding

Basement flooding is extremely common in homeowners, particularly the ones dwelling in rainy climates. Cellars are prone to dampness, which results from faulty pipes, torrents of rain, a blocked gutter system with debris, unstable house construction, and numerous other valid reasons. Nevertheless, hiring professionals to waterproof your cellar will undoubtedly minimize the risk of flooding, as these professionals employ the right techniques to prevent a flood from happening. For instance, they’ll inspect the foundation for potential cracks in order to seal the ones that cause trouble, install a sump pump, and a drainage system, whose role is to keep water out of the cellar. All of these methods are crucial for altering the groundwater direction, which is one of the major causes of flooding.

Prevent potential health risks

Another incredible advantage of basement waterproofing is dwelling in a healthy environment by reducing the health risks that come from mold. Apart from damaging your property, mold is extremely harmful to homeowners, spreading with the speed of light. Believe it or not, it takes approximately 24 hours for this nasty fungus to start growing. Furthermore, mold is associated with a multitude of respiratory problems, such as asthma, breathing difficulties, as well as allergies. It particularly affects the health of homeowners already suffering from such medical conditions. Mold starts growing in hidden spots, most commonly neglected by homeowners, only to find its way throughout the entire house, affecting both the interior and exterior of your home. Click here for some useful basement waterproofing tips, some of which prevent mold growth.

Reduce energy costs

Energy efficiency is yet another indispensable waterproofing benefit, as air conditioning units need more power to cool moist air. In the course of the wet season, moisture enters the cellar through the foundation cracks, thus affecting the air in the entire house. Consequently, air conditioners have to work extremely hard to eliminate dampness and maintain good indoor air quality.

On the other hand, during the winter months, cold air penetrates the basement and affects the warmth of your home. As a result, you need more heating to keep a cozy temperature for you and your family to feel comfortable. However, waterproofing is capable of reducing your energy costs by preventing moisture and cold air from entering the house. It’s an investment worth making since the cost of your utility bills will be significantly reduced.

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Sump pump protection

Sump pumps are of essential importance in every household, as their job is to keep cellars dry. These pumps are used to remove the accumulated water in basements, preventing it to cause flooding. Therefore, waterproofing professionals will install such a pump in case you don’t have one.

Nevertheless, besides installing a sump pump, these contractors are expected to provide you with more than one waterproofing method. Despite their effectiveness, sump pumps cannot function without electricity, thus being useless during power cuts. Therefore, you need an alternative solution for the moments with no electricity, as water will definitely enter your cellar. The following link,, explains the components and maintenance of sump pumps.

Increase property value

Although most homeowners consider cellars as useless space, good enough to serve as storage, some basements have the square footage of entire floors. This space can be used more productively, instead of allowing mold to turn it into an unhealthy environment. A waterproofed cellar will doubtlessly boost the value of your property, thus increasing your prospects for sale.

Bottom line

Cellar waterproofing will protect your health, reduce the cost of energy bills, and increase your property value!

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    I like that you said that one of the advantages of basement waterproofing is that it can eliminate potential health risks caused by mold because it can prevent its growth. My parents just moved our whole family to a new state with a rainy climate three months ago. Since the neighbors said that our area is susceptible to flooding, perhaps I should tell my parents to hire a waterproofing service for the basement to prevent floods and mold growth. Thanks for this!

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