Why Does My Tap Water Smell bad?

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Most people don’t spend much time thinking about the smell of their water. It’s assumed that water doesn’t have a smell. In fact, it does. In many cases your water has a chemical smell, this is a result of the chemicals added at the treatment plant. Chlorine is added to kill bacteria and other organisms in the water, fluoride is added to boost bone and teeth strength. After a time you probably don’t even notice these smells. Unless you choose to have under sink water filters fitted which will remove these chemicals and eliminate the odors. The lack of odor is actually noticeable.

smelly water in the glass

However, there are other times when the odor is more pungent, it can even occur if you have a water filter in place. This is when you need to investigate further to identify the issue and solve it.

Water Testing

It’s a good idea to start by testing your water quality. You may find that your water has an issue and this will give you an idea of what is wrong with the water and what could be causing the smell. If the test shows an abnormality bit you don’t know how they may affect water smell then speak t a professional, they’ll be happy to help.

Check Drains

Another option is that it’s not actually the water smelling but the drains. You can verify this by pouring a glass of water and then moving away from the sink. If the smell disappears then it’s coming from the sink and indicates an issue there that needs looking at. If the smell persists then it is something to do with your water. Should the smell be coming from the drains you probably have a partially blocked drain, the food waste that is collecting is starting to smell. The quicker you get this cleared the better.

inspecting tap for smell

Plumbing System

Assuming you’ve ruled out the drains and are blaming the water you’ll need to take a look at the plumbing system. Corrosion on the inside of pipes can affect the smell, taste, and even the color of your water. You’ll need to visually inspect your pipes to verify this.  Pay particular attention to joints. Alternatively, you can run the water for several minutes to see if the smell disappears. If it remains then it is something to do with the incoming water supply.

Check With Your Neighbors

If you’ve decided its something to do with the incoming supply you need to speak to your neighbors to establish if they are suffering from the same issue. If they are then you’ll have to go a step further and speak to the water board to see if there is an issue they haven’t told you about. If your neighbors don’t have the same issue at least you’ll have narrowed it down to your plumbing system! At this point, it’s advisable to seek expert help in locating the issue and resolving it. Although a filter will help to ensure the water is safe to drink, you’ll find it better to resolve the issue properly.

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