Tankless Toilet: 5 Benefits to Use

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Don’t even try to deny this plain truth that tankless toilets are taking the market by storm. We need to discover the secret behind their emerging popularity. That irresistible aspect about them is what we want to find out in this write-up. For starters, the curious question may be; what is a tankless toilet? It is that type of the toilet that does not depend on the water tank when clearing its bowl. The design allows it to draw its water directly from the supply line coupled with high pressure.

Tankless Toilet Benefits

At this point, you realize that it works differently from a traditional toilet that relies on a tank of water. In the case of a conventional toilet, the raised tank remains above the bowl to utilize the gravity in the flushing process.

How Does a Tankless Toilet Work?

The general layout of a tankless toilet varies from its traditional counterpart. It connects directly to the house’s pipes, backed by an electric pump found in the bowel for powering the flush. There is a valve to regulate the amount of water into the bowl as you flush. The predetermined amount of water will not let the toilet to overflow. However, the draining mechanism is similar to that of a traditional toilet. You can apply tankless technology on urinals and the toilets. Still, you can take advantage of these tankless toilets as a homeowner to update your house. The benefits of this new technology supersede the downsides.

Benefits of Tankless Toilets

What makes these tankless toilets so unique? The facts about these tanks will prove that they are worth the investment.

Tankless Toilet Benefits - benefits

Let’s look at them in full detail.

1.    Compact Size

The cool thing about the tankless toilets is that they are smaller in size. Think about them in this way; a traditional toilet has a cistern that eats a considerable space. A tankless toilet is small; hence, you can install it to occupy a small space. Since a tankless toilet will save space, you can easily install it in a small bathroom design.

Tankless Toilet Benefits - bathroom

Do that, and you will live fulfilled ever after. Nothing can beat that!

2.    Water Conservation

One of the many distinguishing features about the tankless toilet is the ability to use less water. The traditional toilet has a tank that holds an average of 3 gallons of water. Other tanks exceed to hold more gallons. The design of a tankless toilet will not allow it to withhold water. Instead, it uses a dual flush system, which is usually water-saving. The point is that the dual system requires less water when flushing liquid waste. Your water bill will be less by more than 70% of the actual one. For instance, when you use a tankless toilet, you will not utilize three gallons to flush solid wastes. That contradicts a traditional toilet, which uses the more at least 3 gallons to flush both liquid and solid waste. The flushing in a tankless toilet is more effective since it exerts more water pressure.

3.    Style

The manufacturers of the tankless toilets make them appear stylish and modern. Overall, when you install this toilet into your house, it will improve the aesthetics of the bathroom. Can you afford not to? Just get it done. Moreover, installing a tankless toilet will help in improving the value of your house. So, what does all that mean?

Tankless Toilet Benefits - toilet

The modern bathroom will create a better impression for any potential buyer in case you decide to buy it. Still, the new toilet has a contemporary and streamlined design model. For instance, it allows the water pipes to enter from the floor or the wall behind the toilet. The settings will give you more options to remodel your bathroom.

4.    Convenient

When you implement tankless toilets in your home, be sure to experience fewer problems. If you compare it with the traditional toilets, then you will have to maintain floats, valves, and inlets. They may also require replacements when out of order. Well, the new toilet equipment is free from such problems since has different designs. It consists of advanced features that make it user-friendly. More so, it has a minimalist design to create a time-efficient and easy cleaning.

5.    Efficient

The tankless toilets typically make use of an electric pump. This pump makes the bowl to fill up within the shortest time. The arrangement can serve many people on a short duration, especially when there is a lineup for the same restroom.

What are the Disadvantages of a Tankless Toilet? 

Tankless Toilet Benefits - problem

  • Power: Tankless toilets rely on electric ability to function. In case the power goes off, then the flushing system will collapse. It can be an embarrassment if the power outage takes long to resume.
  • Costly: Most of the installations and repairs appear to be complicated. In most cases, you will need a licensed plumber to offer the service to you. The traditional toilets are more straightforward since you can do-it-yourself on some challenges.

Also, the equipment is costly as compared to the standard ones in the market. Furthermore, you will need to install better pipes to handle the pressure from the flush line. The high pressure can damage the flush line if the pipes cannot withstand it. A tankless toilet is good enough, but if you want to add more features to it, bidet seat is a great choice.

Wrapping Up

A toilet remains a vital component to complete your house set up. As technology advances, various manufacturers came up with a better model to make your toilet experience better. The invention of tankless toilets is modernizing our homes slowly. The tankless toilets include state-of-art features like adjustable water pressure and more. The design is flexible to fit your bathroom renovation. However, implementing this technology requires you to dig deeper into your wallet. Many opt for tankless toilets over the traditional ones because they are simple, convenient, and cost-saving. So, are they worth it? Of course, you can implement them since their benefits are better than any attached downsides.

Overall, a tankless toilet will serve you better than a traditional toilet. If your bathroom is small, the new equipment will still fit there as it provides an essential service. Make the decision now and implement it as a surprise gift to your family.

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