6 Useful Considerations For A Bathroom Remodel You Can Think About

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Whether you have a master en-suite or a small powder room, your top priority in a bathroom remodel must be functional.

6 Useful Considerations For A Bathroom Remodel You Can Think About

You can read our useful tips below about the considerations when you are planning to do a bathroom remodel.


The bigger the drain, the better because it is less likely to clog. The pipes used for a residential drain is typically 1½ inches, and you will be amazed out how much hair and gunk goes down the drain. The cost of upgrading to a 2-inch drain is virtually insignificant unless your present framing doesn’t accommodate for it. In such a set-up, you will have to increase the drain in the shower to 2 inches. In addition, if you stay in an area where the temperatures tend to drop below freezing during winter, the water supply lines mustn’t be routed through the exterior wall.

Tub Or Shower?

You must think about how many baths you typically take in a year when it comes to deciding about a bathtub or shower-only selection. Keep in mind that you are not upscaling your home with future buyers in mind, but for yourself. Even if you are only going to stay in the house for five years or so, it is worth thinking about yourself. Plus, you don’t know what the preference for a new buyer is going to be.


You can consult with LIFT Construction Texas about considering recessed light fixtures in the ceiling to illuminate the bathroom. You can add one or two in the shower with the appropriate shower trim. A dimmer switch is ideal if you want an option of adjusting the ambiance in the bathroom. Also, think about how you will be using your mirror in the bathroom and if you require functional or aesthetic lighting since you’re going to need a bright light for shaving or applying make-up.

6 Useful Considerations For A Bathroom Remodel You Can Think About - lighting

Wall-Hung Toilets

Fixtures like these have gained popularity in recent years, and it is no surprise why. They are more cost-effective, plus they save space due to the tank being hidden behind the wall. However, there is a substantial consideration with unique fixtures like these. Because of the method these toilets use to drain, if you ever change your mind in the future about switching to a floor-mounted toilet, the supply will have to be reworked.

Installing A Window In The Shower

This can be an excellent feature in your bathroom if done correctly. For privacy, consider a frosted-glass panel and ideally one that can open to allow for fresh air. Also, ensure stone jambs to be included in the installation to ensure this space is watertight. The sill must be sloping down and away to allow for proper drainage. A tilt-and-turn window is perfect for a shower since the screen is on the outside of the window, the handles are plastic (no rust), and they offer full privacy when they are tilted open.

Shower Floors

Unless the shower tiles are textured, the larger tiles are more problematic to slope appropriately making them slipperier due to the grout lines being further apart. Smaller tiles are better for traction, and you have numerous options to choose from.

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