Why Table Lamps are a Good Option for Lighting a Room

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Making changes to your home’s interior design doesn’t have to end up with a total overhaul, complete with floorboard replacement and the purchasing of brand new pieces of furniture. Lighting is that simple tool that can immediately transform the mood of a room. And table lamps are handy options for lighting.

Table Lamps Are Handy Options For Lighting

Before you go for a shopping spree (or a window-shopping spree for that matter) online or in person, here’s a list of tips you can follow in order to decide on the ideal lamp just for you.

Table Lamps Are Handy Options For Lighting: How To Choose The Perfect Table Lamps

1. Start With Size

Both for the table lamp you prefer and for the area around it— mainly, your room. First, have a bird’s eye view of the room itself. How large or minute are the decors in it? Are there a number of bulky pieces of furniture? Where can you sit the new table lamp on? Simultaneously, know the details regarding the measurements of the lamps you have your eye on and check if it will fit just right. Again, not only in size but in its overall look against the rest of your house’s ornaments and furniture.

2. The Statement Piece

Now, here’s where you get to let your creativity… light up (see what we did there?). Since you’ve already done some retrospection as related to number 1, you can turn it up a notch by being artistic with the pattern and build of the lamp. Expert interior designers have revealed that in order for a “bland” looking background to be projected stylish and well put-together, isolated statement pieces are all you’ll need. And if you fall along the lines of this category, then you can be more out-of-the-box in terms of the type of lantern to select. Why not move towards the unconventional route of non-traditional designs? Many modern makes have that chic-simplistic appearance that shines as a statement piece without being a distraction. Or without clashing with the decor around it. Furthermore, there are elegantly made lamps from Canggu Home which bring more sophistication to your space.

Table Lamps Are Handy Options For Lighting - amazing table lamp

3. A Pop Of Colour

For monochromatic, neutral-to-natural wall paint colours, tinted lamps are an excellent way to allow the entire aesthetic look interestingly modish. Either the stand itself can have that contrasting hue, or perhaps the shade. When it doubt, take a glimpse of the colours found in the spot you want the lamp to be in. The colour of the pillows, the picture frames, the rug, etc. All except the walls. Then, pick a shade from these and match it with that of the lamp.

4. Bulb Socket Size

Next, be sure to examine this detail. Although many modern lamps have a universal size for the socket, there are still those that are tailored only to very distinct types of bulbs. It’ll be better to go the universal route. In this manner, you won’t have any difficulty purchasing bulbs. In fact, the majority of LEDs have a universal-sized base so they can be utilized in any kind of lamp and other lighting apparatus.

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