Survival Kit for Camping: The Essentials

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A survival kit is one of the first things to put in your backpack before heading into the forest. Such a kit should contain everything you need to help you cope with even the most challenging situation. For many, a ready-made, pre-packaged survival kit from the store is ideal. However, depending on the conditions in which your hike will take place, you may also want to build your own survival kit. Here we have a list of the camping must-haves.

Survival Kit for Camping The Essentials

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Fire Starter

A fire is one of the most important things you need to survive the cold, escape from hungry predators, and prepare your own food. This is where a reliable source becomes the number one critical survival item that should always be with you.


It’s hard to overestimate the value of a good knife in the wild. It is an essential tool that can be used for digging holes, disposing of waste, collecting edible tubers, and digging up campfire sites. Tourists can use a knife to leave marks and signals in trees, mud, or snow.


Insect spray is not considered a necessity in the survival kit, but annoying bites can negatively affect morale. Most people use diethyltoluamide sprays, but a permethrin-based repellent is better suited in the wild. 

First Aid Kit

You shouldn’t go outdoors and plan to spend more than a day without a first aid kit in your backpack or van. In first-aid kits, there are all kinds of dressings, bandages, and gloves. You can also add antibacterial creams or wipes, over-the-counter pain relievers, personal medications, and more.

Survival Kit for Camping The Essentials - kit


Hypothermia can be extremely dangerous, so for colder days, you need to choose a layered wardrobe. Plus, it helps you make quick adjustments based on the weather. Base layers of clothing should fit snugly against the body to retain heat. Although you can use a regular T-shirt, it is recommended that you wear something made of synthetic fabric such as polypropylene. It is better to refuse cotton, as clothes made of this material become too wet. This factor becomes a big problem at low temperatures when a person begins to sweat and gets a cold.

Water and Food 

There are several proven food options that you can take with you: 

  • army dry rations and dehydrated foods 
  • rice 
  • salt
  • lollipops
  • jerky 
  • energy bars 
  • any canned food

The average person cannot live more than 72 hours without drinking water. So you have to find sources and get water from there. There are special cleaning tablets and drops that must be placed in a water container and follow the instructions. Each tourist makes the list of necessary equipment based on personal experience. However, everyone should have the listed items to survive in the wild. 

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