Surprising House Trends – What To Expect In 2023

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Tastes change and thus so too do housing trends. From growth in the number of kitchen islands to the emergence of green as the ultimate chic color, we’re expecting lots of changes in the house-building and home-decorating industries this year.

rustic kitchen island

Read on to discover what surprising house trends you can expect in the year ahead.

Kitchen Islands

Having an island in your kitchen has been seen as an elegant and classy design choice for decades, but only in recent years have they become exponentially more popular. They’re a convenient choice for your kitchen, providing lots of seating and allowing you to move all the way around the room. Expect to see more kitchen islands being installed in 2023. Alongside the expectation of more islands, how they can be better used as storage spaces will become the focus of designers. Traditionally, these walled features weren’t hugely practical – taking up a large amount of the kitchen. Building cupboards, fridges and sinks into the structure are becoming increasingly popular choices for those prioritizing convenience. We also expect to see more people installing heating into their kitchen island unit – creating a cozier central hub.

Modular Homes

Modular homes are unique structures that differ from an average building. They are constructed off-site and then transported to the plot of land, rather than built at the final location. Many people are identifying the advantages, and opting for a modular home over a traditional one. For a start, it’s a much quicker process – taking as little as five days. When compared to building a traditional house, that’s remarkably faster. Builders don’t need to pause work in the event of bad weather – further increasing the speed capabilities. Modular homes are substantially cheaper to buy when compared with the cost of building a house of brick and mortar. These homes are also higher-quality because they’re built in controlled environments. Companies are producing more kit homes in Queensland each year, driving growth in this sector in Australia and elsewhere in the world.

freestanding bathtub

Freestanding Bathtubs

The era of boring bathtubs is over as we welcome the increasing popularity of freestanding baths. This elegant design choice promises users a more relaxing and spacious bath session. The number of people enjoying a luxurious soak in a freestanding bathtub is increasing and you can expect more homes to have one installed in 2023.

Sustainable Homes

Increased legislative and societal interest in the climate crisis is prompting more businesses to engage with sustainable practices. In 2023, we’re predicting lots more houses will be built with sustainability in mind – incorporating solar panels into roofs, using reclaimed wood for flooring and building homes that better retain heat. Not only are businesses becoming more eco-focused in their operations, but buyers are also searching for suppliers and tradespeople with an evidenced commitment to eco-conscious processes.

The Color Green

Searches for the color green were up by 829% in 2022 and we’re confident this trend will continue throughout 2023. Green is being used across different rooms of the house to create a warm and cozy environment. Green is trendy again and you can expect to see lots more of it in furniture shops and paint stores throughout the year.

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