5 Benefits of Installing a Kitchen Island

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Wondering if a kitchen island is a right addition to your home? Kitchen islands are a great way to add extra counter and storage space to your kitchen. They can also help you stay organized and efficient when cooking. Here are five benefits of installing an island in your kitchen.

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Read on to get the lowdown.

1. Extra Countertop Space

Kitchen islands are great for creating countertop space in your small area. Although this would require additional storage room in the cabinets beneath the countertops. It is definitely worth it when you consider that most kitchens have limited countertops, and adding an island would create enough room for multiple people to work together on preparing meals. Depending upon how much space you’re working with, you may want to add two distinct areas: one for prepping and one for cooking and dining.

2. A Kitchen Island Gives You Added Seating

Kitchen islands are perfect for adding seating to your kitchen area. Whether it is a breakfast nook or just an additional stool at the counter, you will find that over time, meal times become more of a social event. Having dining space on your island allows everyone to enjoy their meal together instead of trying to find proper seating around smaller tables or in other areas of your home.

You can even install mini bar stools underneath one section for extra casual seating and drinks while you prepare food on the other side! Although this may sound like a strange benefit, installing an island saves you hours upon of time during renovation periods by eliminating the need for professional installation. Since it is just a matter of attaching one large unit to your wall, counters, and cabinets, you can completely do it yourself within a few hours.

3. Additional Storage for All Essential Items

This is one of the biggest benefits that you can get by adding a kitchen island to your home.  No longer will you have to spend hours digging through your cabinets or searching through endless piles to find what you need. Everything will be within arm’s reach and organized to perfection with well-designed kitchen island storage, so you can cut down on time spent cooking and cleaning!

Aquarium kitchen island

4. A Fun DIY Project

Since you will completely install your own kitchen island, why not try something new? Do some research come up with some unique kitchen island ideas that work perfectly within your home’s design style. Then go out and find materials that fit these plans. This could be an easy project that you can complete on your own.

5. Opens Up the Kitchen

The most important benefit of having an island in your kitchen is that it opens up space in your home. Having an island provides enough room for countertop appliances that are usually kept in cabinets or deeper cupboards. There are many benefits of installing a kitchen island table including creating extra countertop space, having a kitchen island with seating, saving time during renovation periods, and opening up the kitchen area. And, if you’re not so keen on DIY, then you should talk to a construction company like Logicon.com.

Still, Sitting On The Fence?

If you’re on the fence about installing a kitchen island, hopefully, this post has helped sway you in favor of doing so. There are so many practical benefits to having an island in your kitchen. But it can also be a beautiful and functional addition to your home. Want more articles like this? Check out our blog!

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