Sugarboo Designs: A Wonderful Gift for The Holiday Season

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Christmas is just around the corner, so if you haven’t gotten any gift ideas yet, then you have a serious problem. It’s a good thing the internet exists because it makes it easier for us to look for gift ideas. Take the Sugarboo Designs, for example. These are a collection of table picture frames, wall art, throw pillows, and decorative accents that inspire, cheer, comfort, and revive our mind and soul. If you have loved ones who are into sentimental and inspirational things, then these designs are perfect for them.

Sugarboo Designs are Perfect Christmas Gifts

What makes Sugarboo Designs an ideal gift for Christmas? This may sound cheesy, but love is one of the reasons why we have Sugarboo today. So, when we hear the word “Sugarboo”, it will always remind us of the ones we love. How did this start? Let me take you back to 2005 when Sugarboo was created.

The History of Sugarboo Designs

Rebecca Puig has always loved painting and creating whimsical works of art since she was little. She put her art degree to good use when she and her husband started Sugarboo Designs in 2005. This originally started with the idea of a small, floating picture in the middle of an oversized wood frame. Together, they built a prototype and eventually received a US patent on the design. And then, they called them photoboxes. Those artwork and frames were a mega-hit.

One day, Rebecca was finally able to design and move into her own studio, where she made it feel like home. She gave it a vintage feel by covering the walls in chalkboard paint. She also filled it with all her favorite things (her children’s artwork, her mom’s painting, metal bins for the paint, a tattered orange chair, and an old jar where she put the paintbrushes). She was able to practice and enhance her skills for several years that she became popular for her retail displays and unique vintage flair.

She also started drawing for her kids for inspiration. That’s why she named her company after her children’s nicknames, Sugar and Boo. She has inspired a lot of people by striving to create products that have their own soul. Also, she has helped remind everyone of the ones they love.

Her style is very beautiful because she combines light and dark, old and new, and serious thoughts and fluff. The messages on some of her popular signs are simple and profound, but they can also make people laugh out loud.

From a business that started in the garage 14 years ago, Sugarboo is now sold all over the world, including Target. The success of her business is a manifestation of her creative spirit and love for her children. Now, the business continues to grow and evolve, offering an event center and a retreat, called Sugarboo Farms. Located in the North Georgia mountains, Sugarboo guests can rent whenever there are trips and private events.

Rebecca Puig’s mission will remain the same – that is, to create and now sell art and other goods to make each home happier and more soulful. Her hope has never changed, to help people tell the ones they love how they feel, and for them to be a constant reminder of light and love in their homes.

Sugarboo Designs Are Luxurious Christmas Gifts

When it comes to buying gifts, thoughtfulness always weighs more than the gift itself. A lot of people say no to buying expensive gifts. We always say it’s the thought that matters, but if you want to give gifts to people you love, it shouldn’t matter whether the gifts are expensive or not. The value of the gifts should not depend on how much they cost, but rather on the message your gifts send.

Sugarboo Designs fall under the luxurious Christmas gifts category. They are a collection of inspirational and playful art, unique vintage-inspired gifts, and luxury accessories that are handcrafted with an interesting mixture of love, passion, skill, and nostalgic flair. You’ll be surprised to find a stunning range of antiqued pillows, signs, body products, candles, frames, dreamlike pieces of art, paper goods, home décor, and many more with wise words to warm the soul.

Sugarboo Designs are Perfect Christmas Gifts - living room

The designs are inspired by animals, natures, antiques, folk art, and children’s art. Incorporating all these elements make up sentimental yet luxurious designs, now called Sugarboo. Each design is filled with whimsy, special one-of-a-kind feel, and a mix of modern and vintage design.

Sugarboo Designs are a collection of table picture frames, wall art, throw pillows, and decorative accents that inspire, cheer, comfort, and revive our mind and soul. If you or your loved ones like sentimental and inspirational things, the Sugarboo designs are for you.

How much do these designs cost?

There are so many Sugarboo designs out there. Sometimes, it’s hard to remember how much they cost, especially if you’re the type to buy the designs because you like them. You may not care how much you spend, as long as you’re satisfied with the design or the message. But to those who are curious, the cost depends on what you’re buying. You’ll be surprised when you find out that they can go from as low as $48 up to $700.

Where Can You Buy the Best Sugarboo Designs?

The industry continues to grow, thanks to Rebecca, for working with numerous vendors to promote positivity and love. But if you’re looking for a vendor with the best Sugarboo designs, you should check out Belle and June.

Sugarboo is probably the most-wanted and treasured items to ever hit the luxury décor market for a long time now. These items aren’t just ordinary designs. They make the perfect gift for your friends, family, and even for yourself! That’s because they’re fun, inspirational, and sentimental. They are also filled with warm fuzzy feelings and love. You can choose from table picture frames, wall art, throw pillows, and accents that come with a very meaningful message.

What are you waiting for? Check out Belle and June now, and choose among their amazing designs that will touch the hearts of your loved ones.

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