Top Tips To Successfully Fit Parquet Flooring

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Parquet flooring has been around since the 16th century when small blocks of wood were used to create geometric patterns. The style has come in and out of fashion over the years but is currently a firm favorite. There’s a good reason why it has remained popular, it’s hard to beat the look of a highly polished parquet floor.

Top Tips To Successfully Fit Parquet Flooring

The good news is that, although this was originally a floor designed and installed by artisans, today it’s possible to fit the floor yourself. Of course, it’s probably a better idea to have the floor fitted by a professional, such as this company specializing in parquet Flooring. But, if you want to attempt it yourself, the following tips will help.

Plan First

A parquet flooring needs to have expansion gaps around the edge, this is because the wood will expand and contract with humidity and heat. To ensure the floor looks good you’ll want to add skirting after you’ve laid the floor. Part of the planning is working out the floor space and how much parquet flooring you’ll need. But, you’ll also need to consider if you want to include any patterns in your flooring and where you’ll be starting. It’s common to start in the center of the room and radiate out to the edges. But, that means you’ll need to measure the room to find the center and decide the orientation of the first block. It’s worth taking your time over this, you may even wish to draw on the subfloor.


The next step is to get your parquet flooring into the room. You’ll want to remove them from their packaging and place them in small piles around the room. They shouldn’t be where you’re going to start laying! Ideally, the wood should have good air circulation and be left in the room for 2-3 weeks, if possible. This will allow them to acclimatize and limit the movement after laying. You will also need to consider the subfloor. Parquet flooring can be put directly onto concrete, dry screed, plywood, and even self-leveling compound. But, the surface must be clean and dry first.

Top Tips To Successfully Fit Parquet Flooring - laying parquet

Putting The Blocks Down

Having done all the preparation work and knowing exactly where each block will go you can start putting them in position. Each block will need to be glued into position, a rigid adhesive works best as there is minimal contact between the block and the floor. However, if you’re using larger blocks you may prefer to use a flexible adhesive which will allow a little wriggle room while fitting and when the wood is contracting or expanding. If you’re using parquet blocks that have been used before you’ll need to clean them thoroughly first. This will ensure they adhere to your floor properly.


To ensure you get a perfect finish you’ll want to take your time laying the floor. If there are any blemishes on the floor you’ll want to sand the entire room with an orbital sander. You can then ass a water-based lacquer or a hard wax oil. This will give the floor the shine it needs and help to protect it against spills and stains.

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