When it comes to building your dream house, flooring is among the crucial considerations to make. Floor fitting will play a great part in the general foundation of your house, which is why you should take various factors into account. The first consideration to make is the numerous challenges associated with floor fitting. Some individuals often prefer enlisting professionals such as premierflooringdublin.ie to handle every aspect of the installation process, which depending on your expertise with floor fitting, is a factor you may want to take into consideration.

measuring laminate flooring

Floor fitting can prove to be a time-consuming and challenging endeavor if not performed properly. The need to install new flooring has only grown over recent years, and the trend is expected to continue growing over the foreseeable future. So, if you’ve been thinking about fitting new flooring in your house, there’s no better time than now. If you decide to undertake the project using DIY techniques, there are a couple of things to take into account before beginning the floor installation.

Floor Fitting Tips

You will obviously be making a significant investment when it comes to selecting the flooring for your house. Chances are that you’ll have to live with the decision you make for years to come. As a result, from selecting your materials to ensuring that everything has been fitted properly, we have compiled some of the top floor fitting tips that can be beneficial to anybody.

Select The Right Kind Of Flooring

Choosing the proper materials is the first step in achieving an immaculate flooring installation. With regard to the aesthetics, style, color, cost and a slew of other factors, there are many possibilities to consider in the hardwood and wood sub-categories alone. When thinking about this option, you’ll need to consider the part of your home getting the flooring, your lifestyle, and if you have pets or children, for instance. Hardwood flooring is possibly the most sought-after choice right now. Undoubtedly, when we envisage attractive floors, hardwood is the first thing that comes to mind. Still, this isn’t the only alternative on offer to you. Porcelain, marble, laminate, ceramic tile, and engineered wood flooring are among the other alternatives out there. The different alternatives have different advantages and likely shortcomings. For instance, ceramic tile flooring is made to last, but most individuals loathe how the flooring gets cold, particularly during the winter season.

Hardwood flooring is perfect for the living area, however, you may want to rethink fitting hardwood flooring in a below-grade basement. You’ll also need to be very keen when dealing with hardwood floors to prevent scratches on the surface, which is a flaw nobody is eager to see. Not only will you need to take into account your preferences, but also factors such as the sort of room you are remodeling, the climate of your area, and material durability before deciding on a material. The most durable type of wood, like white oak, hard maple, or hickory is ideal for high-traffic areas such as the kitchen. If you aren’t able to make a decision, reach out to a floor fitting contractor near you and let them evaluate your requirements and recommend the best solutions.

Measure Your Rooms

Ensure that you measure every room where you’re thinking about fitting new flooring. Then contrast those measurements with the kind of flooring material you’re thinking about fitting. This will assist you to ascertain that you have sufficient material to encompass your floors. It’s always best to buy extra flooring than you’ll require. By doing so, you’ll have additional material in the event you make an error, enabling you to put away a couple of pieces that may have a defect and make sure that you have extra material if you have to make repairs later on.

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Invest In the Proper Equipment

Ensure that you obtain the necessary tools you require to perform the job correctly. Some standard tools you’ll require include a pry bar, floor scraper, broom, screwdrivers, hammer, and different saws including something for undercutting. If by chance you don’t have some of these tools readily available, borrow or buy them now so you don’t need to halt the project midway to go acquire an essential tool.

Ensure the subfloor Is Level

This is a mostly integral tip for persons who are looking to fit wood flooring into their house. You’ll want to be completely sure that your subfloor is correctly leveled, or you risk running into issues in the future. For instance, floorboards with voids underneath can make the floors screech later on. You may also end up having to deal with the separation and gaps of wood panels.

Read The Instructions

This may appear like a no-brainer, however, most people skip this stage. When you buy your preferred flooring material, make sure to go through the instructions from beginning to end before you undertake the project. Going through this step will save you a lot of hassle and time later. You can even go to YouTube and view some instructional videos.

Allow The Material To Acclimate

You should allow the flooring material to acclimate to your home’s humidity for a couple of days before you try laying it into place. This will make sure that it fits correctly and doesn’t shift or warp.


The floor fitting process isn’t always as simple as you may presume. However, things will proceed much more seamlessly if you keep the aforementioned tips in mind.