12 Ways to Enhance Your Living Room with Stylish Table Decor

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Styling your coffee table should be an easy task. Knowing how to properly place ornaments or picking the right one should be easy. Maintaining the balance will make the work go so much faster and knowing what to place on the table will make things balanced. Remember that placing only large pieces on a table can make it look heavy while placing a bunch of small items can make it look cluttered. Hence, maintaining a good balance will make your table look good. If you are looking for modern table decor, Alchemy fine home is the perfect place for you.

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Here are 12 tips on how to enhance your living room with stylish table decor:

Think Odd

When styling your coffee table or any table at home remember to think odd. Using odd numbers in objects creates a well-balanced aesthetic. Modern coffee table designs are often associated with various shapes, heights, and materials. They are also often associated with a more muted color palette. Piling a stack of books or placing a round vase on the table could complete the modern design look. Grouping the objects in threes may also make them more pleasing to the eye.

Use Trays

Placing a tray as a decorative accent is a great idea. A tray can serve as a holder for items or as a contrast to the table. For example, placing a round tray on a rectangular coffee table could add a great contrast. Playing with various sizes and shapes is a great thing to do when decorating a table. Additionally, incorporating the tray with a tiny glass bowl or a small scented candle may also spruce things up.

Varied Heights

Layering objects by stacking them is a great design style. A great example is stacking gold books with black books to make things elegant. Utilizing magazines, trays, and books on a flat surface could also add some height and provide somewhere on which to place ornaments. You could also mix materials by incorporating glass, metals, ceramics, and resin. Remember to always stick with your color palette to keep it clean and cohesive. This will help set up lovely modern table decor in your home.

Layer Books

When creating  your modern table decor, books are a great design accent. Interior designers like to incorporate stacked books when designing a center table. Stacked books help with elevation, shape, and color contrast. They form a flat base that is great for vases or ornaments. Stacked books can also add a seasonal touch without making things cluttered. Books with firm covers such as vintage books or book sets are great choices to elevate the look of a table.

Personalize the Look

A bigger table means more design opportunities. Additionally, buying a  neutral-coloured modern table is a perfect canvas for bright designs. Putting ornaments with a summer vibe on the table would make the look more warm and bright. Putting teal blue or dark green with gold ornaments will make things more elegant. Stacking books with your favorite covers will also add a personal touch.  You could design your table based on your personality. If you are a calm person, you should incorporate warm muted colors. If you are a fun and vibrant person, you could add a pop of bright colors. Arranging your favorite flowers in a vase could also add some personality to your table top.These simple touches can all make your living room table express your personality.

Add Fresh Flowers

Putting fresh flowers can level up your space. If your table feels bare, putting flowers can touch things up. If you are worrying about not having the budget or time for fresh flowers, you could buy a faux flower. It will do the job of adding color and accent to your living space.

add fresh flowers

Keep Things Balanced

Mixing and matching designs may be overwhelming. Knowing the tricks for incorporating designs is a great thing. Incorporating a porcelain bowl and wooden accessory could elevate the look. You could also add some greenery for a pop of color to complete your modern table decor.

Incorporate a Coastal Touch

Putting together a coral, blue, and white decor can create a coastal look. This design style looks elegant and stylish and will also make your table look neat.

Keep Things Simple

If you are a person who likes things to be clean and elegant, keeping it simple is the key. Simple doesn’t mean sterile, it can be elegant. Keeping neutral colors and a minimalist design will keep it pleasing to the eyes.


Lighting is an important design tip in decorating. A modern classy tabletop would be great with proper lighting. Lighting elevates the look of the table. Putting a small lamp or a scented candle is a great accent to add without making the look heavy.

Add Stylish Storage

Putting a stylish tabletop without functional storage is a waste. There are a lot of tables that are pleasing but functional. One should also be practical when finding a table. A good rustic coffee table combined with two storage baskets is a great example of this.

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Colour Scheme

Keeping a color scheme could make the design a lot more cleaner and sleek. If you have a living room filled with bold patterns and saturated color, try limiting your color palette. Incorporating bright green and purple would make things elegant. Adding a white, gold, and muted color scheme will pop the vibrant coloured ornaments. Putting fresh-cut flower varieties can also add some personality to the tabletop. Using potted plants is another beautiful and practical option to provide a fresh and natural feel.


In conclusion, keeping the design balanced is the key for an aesthetically pleasing table. Incorporating your personality towards the design would make it more personalized. Adding simple ornaments to your table could also really spruce  up the overall look. All in all, keep things simple and personalized as you design your modern table decor.

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