What lighting is best for the dining room?

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There’s more to lighting a dining room than most people realize. Most people consider a room’s aesthetics and forget how light affects its ambiance. While most people are comfortable with lighting their dining space with basic light fixtures, taking it a step further and adding better lighting fixtures can help make the place aesthetically pleasing, safer, and glamorous.

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For instance, you can add some complimentary wall lights for a sufficient spill of light or install rows of light across the room’s ceiling, ensuring the light spreads evenly across the space. The dining area’s style and shape of your dining table will determine the type of lighting used. This article provides creative tips to help you light your dining room.

Best lighting for your dining room

Table lamps and wall lights

Lighting your dining room appropriately depends on the ambiance homeowners wish to create. For instance, the blue or grey-themed dining rooms require warmer bulbs to make the space more accommodating and friendly. To achieve this effect, you should select table lamps and wall lights with warm, yellow bulbs. It would help to integrate arched floor lighting or statement table lamps to recreate a soft after-dinner glow. Additionally, it would help if you considered symmetrically placing wall lighting in your dining room to provide an even light distribution. Doing this provides an ambient glow perfect for dining.

Consider pendant lights for scale

Having one lighting source in your dining area can be ineffective if you have a long dining table. A single light source won’t provide enough lighting for your dining space, and the best way to light the area is by symmetrically adding pendant lights along the length of the table. You should choose an ample round light for a round dining space.

Take into account the natural light surrounding your dining area

You should focus on the natural light surrounding your dining area if you are fortunate to have some. Natural lighting is the best ally for interior designers, especially in lighting. Thus, individuals with dining spaces surrounded by natural light should focus more on form than function by placing the dining table near the light source. You can add some LED tracks and cylinder spotlights that blend with the ceiling. The blended lights will minimize any distractions and help provide more light in the evening. Place one central pendant above the dining table to create a strikingly modern look that reflects elegance.

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Install a cluster of pendants or a central pendant for square or round tables

Individuals with square or round dining tables should consider installing a centrally positioned pendant. They can also install a pared-back directional chandelier with multiple or single light sources to light it up. They can also consider hanging a cluster of pendants at varying heights for a modernistic and vibrant look.

Linear lighting is better for longer tables

You could choose a linear chandelier with multiple sources to spread the light evenly. Longer tables require homeowners to extend the light along the length of the table, so no user feels left out. You can also use three pendants placed side by side to achieve the same effect. You can use different colored pendants in varying heights and finishes if you want to add a playful touch. However, you should ensure that the pendants complement each other’s styles and shapes. Doing this draws the eye and adds a bubbly theme that brings out your quirky and creative personality.

Add a statement chandelier

You can add drama and luxury to your dining space by adding a timeless chandelier. You should create a focal point of drama if the room’s single purpose is to be a dining area. You can install a low-hanging cluster of classy pendants atop the dining table or choose a simple and timeless chandelier as the room’s centerpiece. You should select a statement light pendant as your dining space’s light source if you have high windows and ceilings. The pendants will add some drama to the design and fill the space in the room. Install vintage chandeliers for your dining room if you prefer them over light pendants.


Dining room lighting depends on personal taste. It’s easy to get the right lighting fixtures since the trend rarely changes. You should go for dimmable, low-level lighting if you prefer pendants or choose a timeless chandelier over your dining table. Ensure the lighting creates a warm glow over the dining table to make it feel friendly, pleasant and welcoming. You should avoid lighting the rest of the room and ceiling too brightly since this can take the focus from the dining table.

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