Ways to have a stress-free move

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Moving is an important decision that changes your life. You get to relocate and begin your living in a strange locality. It is crucial to make this decision with caution. The implementation of your decision to move should be an organized and controlled one as well. Mismanagement in house shifting can lead to mental stress and severe confusion. A few simple techniques will guide you to a stress-free relocation experience.

Ways to have a stress-free move

Let’s review some of the fundamental ways for a successful move.

Moving Made Stress-Free

  1. Begin Packing Early

Start planning your move early to avoid a stressful life experience. Give your family almost two months to pack their belongings as this is the key to an organized house shifting. Moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. But giving yourself a margin of 8-10 weeks for preparations will help you combat any unexpected delay.

  1. Don’t Take Your Junk With You

Minimize the number of things you’ll bring to your new home, as this will reduce your stress and the cost of transportation. There’s no need to move stuff you hardly ever use or re-purchase for cheaper rates. You can declutter all the unwanted junk piling up inside your home. Old utensils and clothes can go to charity, thereby emptying your closets and pantries.

  1. No Shame In Asking For Help

You can ask your friends or family to lend you a hand while you’re moving. Your neighbors can take care of your animals temporarily. If your movers have bailed on you, your buddies can help transport all your stuff. You can use self storage facilities to keep your belongings for the time being. Many companies offer storage units where your stuff can rest awhile.

  1. Find Secure Packing Material

Instead of using bubble wrap, utilize newspapers to pack your stuff. You get plenty of usable boxes from shopping malls and supermarkets. These cartons will protect your belongings from getting damaged while they are transported. As for your fragile belongings (laptops, TVs, and computers), they’re better safe in their original boxes.

Ways to have a stress-free move - happy mover

  1. Remember To Take Photos

Don’t forget to take pictures of your electronic devices. It’ll help you remember which TV or computer cables go where. Similarly, you won’t need to memorize exactly where your furniture was in the old house. Before moving, get plans for your new house and compare it with your old one’s blueprints. This process will let you organize your stuff in your new home.

  1. Be Cautious While Choosing Movers

Only select licensed and professional movers. Try asking your friends or office buddies for suggestions. Your family members or neighbors can also recommend a reliable moving company. Transporting your belongings by yourself is also an option. Make sure your movers provide insurance in case your stuff suffers some damage.

  1. Prepare A Moving Kit Filled With Essentials

You won’t pack your valuables to be transported by a moving company. Your essentials should be on your person. Prepare a moving kit containing your clothes, toothbrush, mobile chargers, and stuff you will immediately need at the new place. You can’t risk movers with your precious documents so keep them close with you as well.

  1. Pack Systematically And Carefully

Packing your house categorically will help you keep track of all your belongings. Start with the rooms you don’t visit frequently. Then pay attention to your kitchen and bedroom. When you are packing your belongings, try labeling each box. Color-coding the boxes can also help you identify what kind of stuff they contain. This inventory management will make unpacking quite effortless.


Americans relocate due to different reasons. These reasons may be house-related, work-related, or merely some family business. Moving because of an altered marital status can contribute to a lot of stress. The same goes for house shifting due to job transfer or to leave a bad neighborhood. It’s possible to mitigate and control this stress to make moving less depressing than it already is. All it needs is a little sense of organization and some basic management skills.

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