What You Need If You Want To Start Splitting Logs

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One of the primary reasons why larger logs need to be split into smaller chunks is to be used as firewood. This makes it easier for the wood to catch fire for your cooking or heating needs. Some split wood because they need it as a raw material for a handmade craft that they are designing.

What You Need If You Want To Start Splitting Logs

Regardless of the reason why you need to break a big piece of wood into pieces, below are some of the tools that you need to get you started.

Hydraulic Manual Log Splitters

Most homeowners tend to go for hydraulic manual log splitters rather than those which are electric or gas-powered. The reason behind this is that the mechanical function that is operated by the force of liquid pressure makes it effortless to cut through blocks of wood. Thus, it may come as no surprise that topping the list of top 5 hand wood splitters is the Sun Joe LJ10M 10-Ton hydraulic log splitter which can easily handle wood logs as long as 18 inches and as thick as 8 inches. Perhaps the only drawback is that you need to put a certain effort in pumping the handles back and forth for the hydraulics to force the wood into the wedge.

Slide-hammer Manual Splitters

Another tool that you can use to split wood is the slide-hammer manual splitter. In this case, you need to lift the handle of this tool upward before pulling it down to transmit a certain amount of force that will cut through the wood upon impact. There is a wedge at the cutting end, which is always fixed in place. One of the features of the best slide-hammer manual splitter is one that permits you to have a greater range of motion because of the compact size off its pole. As a result, you will generate more force each time you slide through the attachment.

What You Need If You Want To Start Splitting Logs - slide hammer

Splitting Axes and Mauls

A splitting ax has a tapered and sharp head which is mainly intended for chopping wood across its grain or splitting it with the grain. On the other hand, a maul is thick and blunt, with a pointed but dull ax head whose sole purpose is to split wood. Generally, axes are lighter than mauls by a couple of pounds which can be attributed to the fact that the former has a wood or composite handle, while the latter has a longer handle. For this reason, it is likely for you to have the capability to use an ax for a longer period compared to a maul, which entails the need for brute force.

The hand tools listed above are only some of the equipment that you can use to split logs. There are still other tools out there that you can explore to find the perfect one that suits your needs and comfort in delivering the task, such as electric or gas-powered equipment. The key is in splitting along the wood lines because this will make it easier for you to break large wood pieces into chunks that are appropriate for your purpose.

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