Southwest Interior Design Style and Southwest Rugs

Native American influence is a great way to lend authentic charm to any home. The Navajo have a reputation for creating intricate patterns. Using their native art to improve the appearance of your home or business is a sure-fire way to create a rustic feel.

Southwest Interior Design Style and Southwest Rugs

Its rustic, rough-and-ready style that characterizes the Southwest interior design. This attractive composition is also known as the Old West style, with a healthy side portion of traditional Mexican spiciness, and vintage Spanish accents. Adding the timeless Navajo aspects completes the ensemble.

The typical example of Southwest interior design will feature rounded doorways, plenty of terra-cotta, clay tile, and earthen tones. The goal is to evoke the Old West and make you feel like you have been transported back to 19th-century Texas.

When in Texas, let’s not forget about the incorporation of Mexican elements for an added pop of color. This aspect of the Southwestern style is best represented by the color palettes of vibrant greens, reds, and yellows, along with splashes of turquoise and orange.

The Southwest interior design tries to contrast natural backgrounds and a myriad of bright tones and hardy textures. The overall theme of the style makes a person feel like he has stepped into a time machine and found themselves in the old world.

Southwest Interior Design Style and Southwest Rugs - girl on rugs

It looks terrific, and you will get something that is fun and bright, but which can be toned down to taste. Nature and a neutral palette are the base from which to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere. But after laying the foundation, you also get to create a fun mix of bright colors, patterns, and designs as well.

The more you add, the more vibrant the room becomes and the lighter the atmosphere. The less you add, the calmer and more relaxed the vibe. In the end, you have a room that’s versatile and reflects your style and ideas.

Southwest Interior design is an excellent choice for aspiring designers who aren’t too sure how they want to get started on their home makeover, or exactly where to begin.

How Southwest Rugs Fit In

Southwest rugs are the piece de resistance of any home from this period. The unique patterns and colors of the rug will anchor any other furniture used to decorate the room. A rug will not take up much space can, therefore, be considered as a minimalist piece.

Southwest Interior Design Style and Southwest Rugs - rug

Beautiful tones and patterns will make your rug the focal point of the home—a benchmark item. So, why not try the Southwest interior design concept? You are guaranteed to be the talk of the town, thanks to how unique your interior will look compared to the pedestrian decorating choices other homes.

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