4 Tips for Sourcing Construction Materials

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Expanding your office? Remodeling your home? You’re going to need construction materials. Though many people opt for a construction company that provides construction materials, it’s more common for homeowners and business owners alike to find individual contractors that work with the client to source the necessary materials. That’s why we composed this thorough guide to sourcing construction materials.

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In this article, we’re going to give you a few tips on sourcing construction materials for your latest project.

Understand the Cost of Materials Vary

It should be no shocker that marble cost more than granite. But did you know that different types of wood vary in cost, too? The first step in sourcing construction materials for a home or office improvement is to understand the baseline cost (and efficiency) of the materials your construction job is calling for. Moreover, it’s important to understand your options. Talk to your contractors about the materials they intend to use- and why they intend to use them. Ask about material alternatives that maintain the same strength but may come at a lower cost.

Buy in Bulk When You Can

If your home or commercial construction project calls for a lot of materials, consider buying those materials in bulk rather than on a per-unit basis. Many materials suppliers are happy to sell in bulk, which means you could save a decent chunk of money. Stores like District Floor Depot are consistently running bulk deals! If you can find a ‘depot’ for the materials you need, you’re going to save more money by buying direct than allowing the construction company to buy the materials and mark them up.

Understand How Accurate Your Quote Is

More often than not, a construction company will begin their engagement with you by providing a quote for your project. Likewise, these quotes can be accurate- or incredibly off the mark. It’s important for you as the buyer to understand the costs broken down in the quote. Though you may not be able to debate on labor costs, you may find that sourcing the materials on your own is cheaper than the quote provided to you.

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When speaking with a contractor or construction company, ask them how they compile their quote and how accurate you can expect that quote to be. More importantly, ask them how they create their quotes. This will give you a good idea of how accurate the quote the contractor has provided you really is.

Account for Seasonal Limitations

Much like produce, certain materials have a season in the year where they are more expensive- or cheaper. It’s all about supply, demand, and production. Talk to your construction company about this. If a particular material you want to work with is cheaper in the summer, you may want to wait for the summer to roll around before you begin this project. In fact, one of the smartest precautions you can take in planning your construction project around the low season- where contractors and materials are offering better deals to compensate for the lack of customers knocking on their door.

For example, if you want to build a deck– you’re going to get a better deal at the end of the summer rather than the beginning. Everyone wants a deck built for summer. Few want a deck built for autumn or winter.


Much like other products, you should always look at multiple suppliers before making the decision to purchase from one. Costs vary on an extremely wide range, so sticking with the first price you’re offered can often lead you to pay more than the materials are actually worth. If your construction company has a list of their preferred vendors, use that list to start the comparison process.

How did you find materials on a budget for your construction projects? Have a few industry hacks? Share your advice in the comments.

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    Thanks for the great guide! Small details at first glance can be important, and the floors in this regard are no different.


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    Very well written article. I believe it is really important that you keep an eye on the quality of material you are getting. My husband always gets the construction material from MP Moran, they have quality material in affordable rates.

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