Why soundproof blankets are a great option for every new mom

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Nothing can prepare a new mom for the new life she is about to enter! When you come home with your newborn baby, everything changes for you. Your days become full of obligations, and suddenly all your life spins around that tiny human. Life can be a bit chaotic in the first few days or even months, but soon moms start to organize their new worlds the way they want it to be!

Why soundproof blankets are a great option for every new mom

Pretty soon you learn that you need a quiet place for your baby, where both of you can easily rest. Babies love to sleep in places that are dark and isolated from daily noise. Studies show that the first few weeks for them are like they are still inside the womb, where it’s worm and quiet, and they need time to settle into the new world they have entered. They need time to adjust. This is one of the reasons why new parents should try to create a space for their little loved ones where nothing can disturb them in their sleep. Outdoor sounds like traffic, other kids, or noisy neighbors need to stay away from their little world. In the past few years, there has been a great solution that is not expensive and is affordable for everyone. That solution is represented in soundproof blankets, and they are easy to find and use.

What is a soundproof blanket?

If you want to truly soundproof something, you need to spend a huge amount of money. For those who are not able or do not want to spend money on wall isolation and other construction things, there are soundproof blankets that are affordable and can be used easily. Those blankets are thicker and denser than the regular ones. Although they were regularly made and used for transport, producers learned that they are soundproof and can be used for that purpose also. They are made of some of these, or a combination of, materials: cotton, multi-layered polyester, and mineral wood.

Where you can use soundproof blankets?

Rooms that are not filled with a lot of furniture, are ideal places to use those blankets. Adding blankets to at least one of the surfaces in the room can help you soundproofing it a lot. They will slow the sound down because it cannot bounce around and be louder. Surfaces, where you can apply those blankets are: doors, windows, ceiling, floor, walls, and on or around applies. Those blankets won’t block 100% of the sound, but they can reduce it for 30 to 80% of it.

Soundproof blankets for nursery rooms

As we said before, babies love to sleep in places where everything is calm and quiet. Okay, not all of them, some babies love noise, but most of them don’t. Especially, newborn babies. All moms during their pregnancy think about the baby’s room and all the equipment they need to buy before the baby arrives into their life. Finding the best room and place to spend time with a newborn baby is very important. Because new moms will probably spend most, if not all, of their time in that room. Especially at the beginning of their “mom” life. Blocking outside noise is very important. If you do not feel like spending a lot of money on it, there is a great solution for you. The soundproof blankets are very cheap and easy to use when you make your nursery room. They look like regular blankets, and their price is quite similar. Of course, there are different kinds of soundproof blankets and different manufacturers so price range can vary, but you can always find the one that best suits you. For those that are a bit expensive, you can surely expect much better materials and overall quality. If you still don’t feel like spending much money on them, moving blankets are the best option for you. They are used for wrapping around shipped products to prevent scratches and they also act as sound absorbers.

Why soundproof blankets are a great option for every new mom - soundproof blanket

Nursery rooms should have minimal furniture for a mom and a baby. And that is an ideal thing for soundproof blankets, as well. Apply them on the walls and ceiling, and the sound won’t be able to travel around the room and it will very much be blocked. Okay, we need to note that there is no blanket, no matter how expensive, that can block noise completely, but soundproof blankets do their magic and will create a place quiet enough for your little darling to sleep calmly. And for you, as well. New moms are usually very tired most of the time. Moms also need that calm and quiet place, so this will become their little heaven as well.


The quality of life of a mom and a newborn baby really depends pretty much on the place where they spend most of their time. Their nursery room is very important for both of them. A little bit of furniture, calm and quiet place is just all they need in the first few weeks. And later, as well. Damping sound out of this room is very important and it can make a pretty big difference when it comes to the quality of life, and especially – the quality of sleep.

If you don’t want to use a lot of money, or you don’t want to make big construction changes, there is a great option for you as well. There are soundproof blankets that can help with absorbing noise out of your room. They are an affordable solution that anyone can use, not just for babies and nurseries but for all parts of your home that you want to reduce the level of noise. You can use them as decoration and if you choose the color you love, you will make everything look cozier and just the way you want. Do they really work? Yes! But you need to know that they cannot absorb all the sounds. Soundproof blankets can reduce most of sound waves and make your nursery room quiet enough for you to enjoy your new life as a mom.

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